Tracking Freshness, Travel Blogging & More …

Originally Posted On: 08 December 2015

I have been experimenting with a few things during the last six months. Now it’s down to 3 things. Here is what I am upto:

Tracking Freshness

Most of my time is dedicated to building an analytics/reporting platform for Infratab. They track the freshness of perishable food using RFID tags. They aim to minimise food waste in the world. I’m happy to be involved in their mission.

My job is to architect and build a platform to make sense of the data collected by the tags; put together a great team to be a part of this mission and setup processes in place for the team to operate in.

Also, I’m coding in Python and Node. No more Ruby :’(

Second Breakfast

I have known Ruchika, my girlfriend for over a year now. After being a lawyer for 4 years, she had enough. She recently started pursuing a career as a writer.

She has a passion for travel, which I share. We are always looking forward to the next time we will be at the airport. She is attempting to make travel her work! And I’m tagging along. :) This attempt manifests itself as Second Breakfast.

She aims to write about Travel, Food and Lifestyle. A good number of hours of my work week goes into growing this blog. This is a learning experience for me. The aim is to grow the blog into something like this, so that it can be monetised.

I will be documenting my experiments in growing this blog here.

Between us, we have been to 6 countries and we have some fun stories. Follow us!

BEAM — Bangalore Elixir Alchemists Meetup

In this post I discussed Elixir, a new language I’m excited about. Even though it’s early days for me in the language, there has been a lot of activity in the Elixir community. I’m doing my part to grow the community in Bangalore. I’m the co-organiser of Elixir meetups. Drop in for the next one!

Thats enough to keep me busy for the next few months! Hopefully I will update my progress here as it happens!

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