Cheat sheet for Athletes

Paparazzi catches NBA star Carmelo Anthony vacationing with a woman other than his wife. (Image Credit:

In mid-December 2019, Jewel Harris, wife of NBA player J.R. Smith, uploaded a video to her Instagram page where she prayed for her husband, her family, and Smith’s alleged mistress Candice Patton of The Flash. During the video she says,

“Everybody is hurting. Not just me, but my husband, he’s hurting. And Candice, Lord Father God, she’s hurting. I pray, Lord Father God, for Candice that you please just mend her heart…




In today’s society where “cancel culture” runs rampant, politically incorrect talking points, no matter the intention, often seem taboo or appear offensive to mass groups. Here, we unpack touchy subjects discussed on the AVIOT podcast, known for its honesty no matter the result.

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