Pay attention to what you and other people say

The Vivi
The Vivi
May 19, 2019 · 3 min read

We can think and talk only about what we experience, and nothing beyond that.

It is only the tip of the iceberg that we see — Bucharest Botanical Garden, Photo by AVIVAANDARIA — Vivi Ball

Although the above is a truism, paying attention to others and ourselves is a useful tool.

I never talk about drugs as I have never tried any.

When we listen carefully to what people talk about, we automatically find out all there is to be found in their minds, around them, in their realm.

When people teach other people how to behave, how to become better, that reflects a former or present struggle of that teacher to achieve that particular state of betterment.

When we have obtained something, when we have achieved something, we simply stop talking or thinking about those pursuits/objects/possessions. We are their master, we trained them into submission. Then, the next pursuit appears, and we talk about that new challenge. Even when we “are” something, we don’t preach or think about it. I don’t know many virtuous men who talk obsessively about virtue. I don’t know happy people who talk about happiness.

I have never read texts about depression written by people who have never been in contact with or suffered from depression.

I am teaching you to pay attention because I am at a stage where my spiritual frenzy becomes material only when I share my experiences with others.

Useful rules:

  1. Pay attention to what other people say.
  2. Pay attention to what you say (either to yourself or to others). Follow your thoughts and others’ as they arise.
  3. Look at patterns that our/your mind creates.
  4. Let go after noticing the patterns.

The interests, drives, urges, cravings, loves, hates, passions we experience are part of a “body” that helps sustain a larger body. We all participate in developing those bodies.

All the energy that goes into passions and pains is the engine of “reality” so much so as the roots of a tree absorb water from the ground and slowly or rapidly, depends who’s observing, feed the leaves. Same pattern, same moves, same vibration.

As I am writing this text, I realize there is no better evidence to the points I am making than the text itself; I am teaching you to pay attention because I am at a stage where my spiritual frenzy becomes material only when I share my experiences with others.

The world has been my master.

Of course there is a logical fault in proving a point with the point itself, but we use the same pattern when we use the mind to analyze the mind. So I am at peace.

My experiences may help you find answers or have revelations. How do I know that? I know it because it has been happening to me since I was very young. The world has been my master. The trees, buildings, greens, people, everyone and everything has been there to support my opening, failings or advancement. Sometimes it has felt like depression (see above), sometimes bliss. Sometimes rage, sometimes pure peace.

The expansion of my attention has had multiple great effects that I am going to talk about later.

This is what I know, this is what I talk about.

I guess the moment I find the truth, I will become silent.


The Vivi

Written by

The Vivi

Teacher, photographer, writer, caregiver.


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