Install Active Directory Domain Service And ADFS On Windows Server

Vinayak Pandey
May 24 · 3 min read

In this post, we’ll set up Directory Domain Service And ADFS On Windows Server.

Step 1: Launch an EC2 instance using Windows Server 2019 AMI. In the security group, open RDP and HTTPS ports for your IP.

Step 2: Connect to our server and install Active Directory Domain Service by going to Server Manager-Manage-Add Roles and Feature and select Active Directory Domain Service.

Step 3: Now click on Notification->Promote this server to be a domain controller-> Add a new forest->give as Root domain.

In the next screen, provide the DSRM password. After that leave all the settings as it is and click Next. Click on Install at the last screen. Once it’s installed successfully, the server will restart.

Step 4: Now install Active Directory Certificate Services using the following commands:

Add-WindowsFeature Adcs-Cert-Authority -IncludeManagementTools
Install-AdcsCertificationAuthority -CAType EnterpriseRootCA

Step 5: Now open certsrv.msc and follow to setup ADFS.

Note that we need to duplicate Security tab-Object Types-Computers-Add Domain Computer section for Domain controller also because If your ADDS and ADFS is the same server, you must add Computer Object “Domain Controllers” in addition to “ Domain Computers” when creating the Certificate Template.

Step 6: After that execute the following command

Set-AdfsProperties -EnableIdPInitiatedSignonPage $true

Testing: Make host entry for in /etc/hosts with the IP of our EC2 instance. Now open and on your browser.

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