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Have You Ever Wondered Why Men Spit?

Tony Pretlow
Avocado Coffee


I wonder why men spit? I’ve been wondering about it for some time.

I don’t mean the spitting that keeps you from swallowing chewing tobacco. Like the kind you see in old Westerns. That’s understandable.

I’m especially talking about the guys who spit into the urinal before they urinate. They do it every time. It’s automatic. You can tell by the fluidity of the motion. Zipper down. Lean over. Spit and pee. Every time.

Does the urge to pee cause them to salivate? I wonder if there’s a biological explanation.

Some guys spit outdoors while talking. Between words, they shoot out a loogie, especially in the company of other men.

I have yet to see it done in the company of women. Nor have I seen women spit.

I wonder if it’s a territorial thing. Like when a dog takes a leak against a tree or hydrant to mark off its territory.

Could it be a post-nasal drip? I’m just trying to figure it out.

There are two types of spitting. The ejected spit that goes out is preceded by a guttural sound. Aka a loogie.

Then there’s the sudsy saliva spit that’s dropped straight down. It’s done while leaning forward, so it doesn’t hit your shoes.

Male athletes do a lot of spitting. It’s particularly prevalent among baseball players. Most spit out sunflower seeds. Others just spit for some unknown reason.

It seems to develop in high school and moves up into the pros.

With spitting being so common, why is it that one of the worst things you can do is spit on someone? It’s considered an assault in some states.

Even if it doesn’t hit anyone, it’s considered a sign of disrespect.

I’ve reached some conclusions. I don’t think men are consciously aware of their spitting. It’s a no-brainer. I think it goes back to caveman days.

I think it’s something primal.

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