CARV ID x AVOCADO DAO: Pioneering the Web3 Identity Revolution

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3 min readDec 9, 2023


About CARV ID x Avocado Dao

Excitement abounds as we drop the curtain on a dazzling collaboration between CARV ID and Avocado DAO! This collaboration aims to redefine the way gamers manage their identities and share data in the digital realm. CARV ID, with its innovative credential and data infrastructure tailored for gaming, and Avocado DAO, introducing the AVOCARD-0, a Decentralized Identifier (DID) NFT enabling the collection of Achievement Verified Onchain (AVOs). This digital badge showcases Web3 achievements, providing exclusive perks and opportunities.

Introducing CARV ID and .play Name Services, your key to Data-To-Earn

The CARV ID is an identity system that securely records multi-identities into a non-tradable NFT. Holders of the CARV ID can leverage the CARV Protocol to manage data and participate in the Data to Earn (D2E) campaign, allowing them to monetize personal data in a privacy-preserving manner while maintaining ownership and control.

The aforementioned Data to Earn (D2E) campaign will launch on December 12th. This revolutionary campaign empowers users to generate revenue by using their personal data. CARV’s commitment to data self-sovereignty is epitomized in this initiative, as users can share their preferences, ownership, social relations, and past experiences directly with games in a consent-based manner.

With Data-To-Earn, users can earn passive income from their historical data, creating a new paradigm where users truly own and benefit from their digital footprint by actively engaging in brand-user interactions, such as completing surveys or participating in events.

Complementing the CARD ID, .play Name Service adds a personalized human-readable alias for blockchain addresses, unlocking benefits like airdrop access to CARV upon TGE and power-up $SOUL Drop Campaign. The .play Name Service will also link to the gamer profile with achievement logging and social-relation showcase. You get both your CARV ID and .play Name Service today!

Avocado DAO’s AVOCARD-0

AVOCARD-0 is a decentralized identity (DID) NFT designed to shape your Web3 identity and gain recognition in the decentralized space. By holding AVOCARD-0, individuals can showcase their Web3 achievements and collect Achievements Verified Onchain (AVOs) as digital badges. These AVOs offer valuable perks and can lead to exclusive Web3 roles, events, and opportunities.

Future Collaboration

This collaboration aims to provide mutual support through questing, creating a seamless connection between CARV ID and AVOCARD-0 DIDs. This collaboration extends to the support of Bumpies, an Avocado-powered Gamefi Project, and projects on the CARV platform, fostering a unified ecosystem for gamers to explore, engage, and earn.

The CARV ID x Avocado DAO partnership marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Web3 identities and gaming ecosystems. As these innovative technologies converge, gamers can anticipate a future where their identities are truly their own, and the gaming experience becomes not just immersive but also empowering in the digital era.

Are you ready to be part of the transition into a period where individuals have greater control and ownership over their personal data?

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