Panic? Anxiety? Smile!

Everyone has anxiety and everyone is capable of panic. Now, I’m sure there are a very small percentage of people that medically are unable to do either, but I’m guessing its a very small number of isolated cases. But the vast majority of humanity has the gift of fight or flight.

And it is a gift. It’s keeps us alive.

My problem, and maybe yours too, is that our fight or flight response gets kicked off in situations that aren’t actually dangerous, let alone life threatening. I wish it was as easy as just turning it off in those situations. For some people it is that easy … not for me.

So the next time you feel panic coming on, smile. Smile knowing that you’re body is actually working as designed. Smile because you know that you’re not actually in any danger. But most of all, smile because it will send a signal to your brain that if you really were in danger, you wouldn’t be smiling. So since you’re smiling, you must not be in danger.

I know it sounds odd and that it doesn’t work. But it does. Force a smile. The mind body connection is strong. A nice smile can go a long way toward finding peace and calm.

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