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[This copy was written as part of the final assignment for the AWAI UX Copywriting Program]

Digital Copywriter’s Handbook Product Review Request Email


We value your opinion about your experience with the Handbook

Body Copy:

(Limit: 200 words max — include suggestions for visuals if they will help the user. — 145 words)


I hope you have had a chance to join the Facebook Groups I told you about in the last email, and have browsed through the online archives. You will find so much information, and many valuable insights there.

How have your studies with the Digital Copywriters Handbook gone? Well, I hope. 😊 Was it easy to understand? Did you enjoy the presentation?

To that end, I would appreciate hearing from you about how things went, and what you think of the program.

Please give us your honest assessment by filling out the form below.

When you are finished, just hit the SUBMIT button

Whatever your feelings about the program, we welcome your honest assessment, and we wish you all the best as you begin your wonderful and lucrative career.

[Place form here]

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To your success,




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Katrina Haney

Katrina Haney

Retired relationship/family counselor, current UX copywriter, creative writer, poet, great grandmother of 8, Book: Blood Rage kat1@katrinahaney.com