Honoring Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

Today is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day.

Here’s a brief reminder that the call for “equality” for Black women should go beyond the monetary pay gap:

  • Black women experience domestic violence at a disproportionately higher rate
  • Black women experience workplace sexual harassment at a disproportionately higher rate
  • Black trans women experience violence and murder at a disproportionately higher rate
  • And yet, Black women’s deaths and violence against them are rarely covered in the media (even less so than violence against Black men’s)
  • Black women experience death during pregnancy and/or death of their babies at a disproportionately higher rate
  • Black women face repercussions at work for speaking up against biases at a disproportionately higher rate
  • Black women’s faces are the least likely to be accurately identified using a facial recognition software due to poor test data samples

(You need receipts for all of these points? Just Google them.)

Black women have been historically, consistently, and systemically marginalized even within the feminist movement, while not receiving proper credit nor recognition for their leadership in the broader social justice movement.

Some of the most incredible change makers I follow and learn from are, and have been, Black women. I believe they are the leaders we need for today’s inclusion and equity movements, but beyond that, they are the leaders we need to see more of in technology, government, media, and education.

White women and non-Black women of color: we have to consistently elevate and listen to the voices of Black women, and as allies, work to reduce the education and emotional labor burden on them in and outside of the workplace so they can focus on thriving in the work they choose to engage in.

Let’s ensure all of our movements are intersectional so we can all rise together.

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About Michelle Kim

Michelle is an entrepreneur, activist, speaker, and writer passionate about empowering individuals and organizations to create positive change. She is the Co-founder and CEO of Awaken, a leading provider of experiential and modern Diversity & Inclusive workshops and Modern Manager™ training.