Reminders for LGBTQ allies in honor of #IDAHOBIT (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism, and Transphobia)

Michelle Kim
May 18, 2018 · 3 min read

It’s International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism, and Transphobia #IDAHOBIT today.

(btw, this post was originally a Twitter thread. Yes, really.)

A few reminders:

  • A day isn’t enough to show solidarity for any marginalized group
  • Two innocent trans women of color got murdered just last week in Dallas and no one seems to be talking about them. This keeps happening and there’s not enough public outrage to stop it
  • Using chosen names and pronouns has been linked to reduced suicide risks for trans youth
  • Stop confusing sex and gender (stop saying “female” say “women” instead)
  • #LGBTQ youth and adults experience more bullying than cis / het peers in schools AND work
  • Of homeless youth, ~40% identify as LGBTQ, and are mostly youth of color
  • Don’t say “transgendered” it’s just “trans” or “transgender”
  • Don’t ask about “the operation” or about anyone’s genitals
  • Stop wearing pussyhats. Womanhood isn’t defined by vaginas
  • Bi/pansexuality isn’t a phase
  • Intimate partner violence occurs in queer relationships, too
  • Gender neutral restrooms are great but that doesn’t solve everything
  • Provide mental health services as a benefit for all employees
  • Have inclusive form fields for trans / gender nonconforming ppl
  • Intersex people exist (also watch this video)
  • Stop saying “sexual preference” (save that for preferred sexual acts, not orientation)
  • Similarly, it’s just pronouns, not “preferred” pronouns
  • Trans women are women
  • Know the difference between gender expression and gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Educate yourself. Constantly.
  • Remember homophobia is often used as a weapon of sexism 💥

So much work needs to be done for our community.

Before you start claiming to be an “ally” and decorating your FB profile pic w/ rainbow filters, do something to contribute to our community.

Being a #queer person has shaped every part of me and how I view equity / D&I work.

IMHO, queer and trans women of color have always been the most radical thought leaders pushing the envelop for all intersectional movements. I’m grateful for their legacies and wisdom.

EARN YOUR RIGHT to be at the PRIDE parade this year. Your rainbow ally cookie awaits thee 🍪 (jk, no cookies, just the right thing to do).

And… go watch Love, Simon :)

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