Waking Up on February 3, 2020

A 10-Minute Morning Meditation

Today is Thursday, February 3rd, the second day of the hebrew month of adar and we are here now to wake up into the Awakened Body. The sun is shining here in the holy land.

Drop a comment let us know what it looks and feels like outside where you are because part of waking up into the and body is waking up in to the world as it is the practices of walking in the Awakened Body are all about direct contact with the world around us. We commit to feeling our lives so that we can feel all of the joy and the goodness uh that is unfolding around us. So, let us know how it is where you are.

Let’s get started with our 10 minute 30 breath morning practice. We’re going to take ten breaths in gratitude, ten breaths of a body scan and ten breaths in intention setting making space for your prayers on this wintry Thursday.

Let’s do it

I am ready to drop right into practice today. I hope that you are too. We immediately want to settle into a calm erect spacious body, so you want to be seated in such a way that the spine can be long and proud, feeling that gentle S-curve supporting your human shape. Let’s inhale, lengthen spine and for the first exhale, let’s open the mouth drop the jaw; a little bit of sound exhaling out the open mouth — a cleansing breath, releasing making space to breathe deeply into this here and now. As you inhale let the eyelids flutter closed and always take your first few breaths of our 30-breath cycle, just to arrive

You want to allow each inhale to increase your sense of internal spaciousness you are broad and wide

The particles of you are spread out just like the particles of a starry night sky.

Each exhale roots you down into this here and now. You want to feel your own weightiness in your body. The body is always our anchor into the present moment. Unlike our feelings, unlike our thoughts, our fantasies; the body cannot run away from the here and now. It’s always right here, so rooting in and as we’re ready, let the next inhale really open the space around the heart center.

Call to mind the image of the heart altar, a clean canvas for you today. It is held within the gaze of two loving angels, your guardians. We have a separate video on www.awakenedbody.org on the heart altar if you don’t know what I’m talking about

With each inhale, let’s allow one specific gratitude to just arise on the canvas. You can greet it with a smile, actually whispering the words “thank you” or if you have a Hebrew prayer practice you might say “מודה אני — I am grateful.”

I’m just feeling how that intentional practice of noticing the good brings a softness; it brings a smile to the face. It is, in and of itself, a healing practice.

Just by softening into this thank you already our body scan is going to look different.

Let’s move towards it now as you’re ready. Opening the energetic portal at the crown, כתר, and allowing the pure white light of divinity to flow in.

If you’re feeling really depleted on any given morning you always have the option of just taking the 10 breaths of the body scan just to receive this influx of divine white light knowing that it is healing, just drinking it up equally in all of the cells of your body. That is always an option for you, but if you’re going to do our inquiry practice then let that light flow in through the crown and begin to notice; working with intention dropping your awareness like a scanner over the body and just noticing areas of resistance to the light. It might appear to you as slight darkness areas of slight darkening, increased density. It might feel like numbness. It could have an emotional tone, could feel like sadness anger frustration, etc. When these things increase in their density they come to feel like depression.

As you drop the scan further and further down just noting what it is you notice

For some people it helps to actually tag it with a label naming the area of the body or the organ you can make a note of that in your awaken body body daily practice journal

If you have the time you always have the option to actually get right up close to an area of the body that’s inviting your listening that’s hungry for your loving attention

However, if you want to keep your practice to just these ten minutes, as we reach the base of the body we visualize our roots into the earth, we are the human body made in the image of God. We are transistors we are instruments for channeling divine energy and that is what our prayers are.

Now we begin this third stage of our practice, affirming

“I am who I am; I am how I am, because this is exactly as the creator wanted me to be…”

“My deep knowing about myself is a gift…”

“My passions — those things I am drawn — to whether or not I’ve given them any space in my life; My desires are a gift. They are a clue to who I am born to be.

Breathing this ten breath cycle, honoring your prayers:

What do you need today to feel seen, loved, fulfilled?

You might just breathe in your space of yearning.

You might whisper your prayers as words.

You might just gather them up like precious gems

As we transition out of our morning meditation practice you might give yourself the gift of some journaling time now to journal your prayers to set intentions for this day.

May you feel vitally alive today.

May you feel grateful to be alive.

May this day be a blessing to you and may you be a blessing to all of those around you.

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The path of the awakened body is a path of mindfulness, deep body listening, and spiritual practice.

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Sara Brandes

Author of Magical World: Stories, Reflections, Poems, Rabbi Sara Brandes is a hands-on healer and founder of Awakened Body. More at www.awakenedbody.org