Fighting In Faith — Durwyn Lamb of Phalanx MMA

In my travels as a fight photographer I’ve encountered a number of fighters who walked a deep path of faith with our Lord and savior. One such fighter is former fighter, now MMA gym owner and trainer, Durwyn Lamb of Fort Worth, Texas. Lamb owns and opperates Phalanx Martial Arts & Fitness and is the trainer for their MMA fight team that has created a buzz in Texas for having some of the most talented and fearless fighters in the fight game, including the UFC’s James Vick.

But before the glory of the fight game, Lamb was an aspiring basketball player/dancer who had more than a few run-ins with the law. Coupled with a past that was deep into the gang culture of North Texas, Lamb’s story is that of redemption and faith.

I caught up with Lamb recently to talk to him about the latest news out of his gym as well as how important his faith in Christ has been in achieving the success and accolades he has enjoyed in this game.

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