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View from above of Social Club Misfits

It is no secret that I am an unabashed fan of the Christian rap duo Social Club Misfits. Their music is equal parts unique hip-hop and praise. They are unashamed in their faith and love for God and the music hits harder than a gorilla in the trunk. So needless to say, when the group announced they were going on tour with Andy Mineo and Wordsplayed for the Friend and Family Tour, I was already online screaming, “Take all my money!”

The Friends and Family Tour was scheduled to make it to Dallas (where I reside) on October 6. As my wife and I eagerly waited in a line that snaked around the Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill (a pretty good, if not small outdoor venue) we took notice of the wide array of people attending the show. Seemingly every age group, race, ethnicity, were all in line eagerly anticipating the night’s concert. While the vast majority of the crowd was there to see Andy Mineo (who we here a ABS love as well), my wife and I were there for the Misfits. Well, that and Wordsplayed. Honestly, Wordsplayed is underrated to no end, just peep out his mixtape Clowntown.

I can’t do the concert justice in a blog post. It was an amazing experience outright. Social Club Misfits brought an upbeat, pure adrenaline-filled set that had me too LIT for my own good. SCC member Fern even broke down some good preaching and I am not kidding when I say the spirit of God was in the place. Mineo tore it up next with the crowd signing along to his numerous hits. When he brought out Wordsplayed to renact their magic of their newest mixtape project “Magic & Bird” I was delrious to the next level.

In all seriousness it was an amazing show. The crowd was amped, God’s grace was in the air, and we all turnt up in the name of God and great music.


So, unfortunately, I couldn’t bring in my professional camera. It’s my dream to shoot the next Social Club concert that comes my way. However, through the magic of the iPhone, and some creative VSCO editing, I did manage to get some good photos of the night’s event. Scroll down to enjoy!

Andy Mineo
Social Club Misfits
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