The Power of Prayer

Photo Credit: Nassom Azevedo/

Perhaps the single greatest revelation I have experienced in my walk with Christ has been the absolute power of prayer. In the past I had prayed, but it was the type of prayer you dutifully do as a child. There was an obligation to it. I lacked the joy and excitement one should have in talking with our Lord Savior. But, like many things you appreciate as you get older, the fact we have a direct line to our God through prayer and worship is a fact that repeatedly blows my mind.

Prayer is like suuuuuper important to any Christian’s life. It’s our line to God. It’s our defense against the enemy. It’s our offense against the powers of evil. Miracles and blessings spring forth from prayer. After all, our God is an awesome God who wants nothing more for us to be taking care of in His grace and mercy.

God wants to partner with us so that we can accomplish His will. Praying in the will of God is our way of connecting us to His kingdom. Prayer is living and it is dynamic and can move endlessly. As such we need to call on the Holy Spirit to guide, inform, and to nuance our prayers in order for us to understand the “whens and hows” of God’s will.


There are two types of prayers:

  1. Religious Prayer
  2. Revolutionary Prayer

Religious prayer is the form of repetitive prayer we typically perform as children. It’s repetitive and it’s devoid of any real emotion or susbtance. Basically, it is us just chanting along with all the excitement of mopping the floor. This is not good prayer.

On the other hand, we have revolutionary prayer. This, this is the type of prayer we should seek. This is us calling on God for direction, for blessings, to give thanks, and to just praise His name. Through this type of prayer we see God move in the manner in which we should expect from our Creator.

After all, as prayer is the most powerful weapon we have against Satan it is the Devil’s desire to neutralize our prayer life. Satan wants nothing more than to make praying a chore; one that we loath to perform.

However, the power of God is alive and all victory is assured through Him so prayer is something we should do whole-heartidly.