I Was Wrong! Why You Should Replace ‘Do-What-You-Love’ With ‘Love-What-You-Do’

What self-help gurus are desperate to hide from you

Anirban Kar
Awakened Millennial
6 min readMar 18, 2022


Photo by Robert Șerban from Pexels.

It seems like only yesterday. It was right after my college graduation. I took a part-time job and started using my spare time to create art pieces.

About a year later:

  • I had sold two paintings totaling $200.
  • By that time, I had produced over 100 artworks that cost me around $2500.
  • Oh, I almost forgot the additional $1000. That went into the website, social media campaigns, and other eCommerce platforms’ fees.

I know what you are thinking.

— What a loser! Burned himself following his passion and gave up without a fight. No wonder why he can’t help but feel jealous of people who have the guts.

Here’s why you are wrong.

It’s not just that I failed, but it’s more about why I failed.

Well, let me rephrase that. It’s more about why most people who set out to follow their passion end up losing it big.

Your Passion Is Never Enough (Nor Will It Ever Be)

So, am I saying you cannot make money doing what you love? No. Not at all. You sure can. But only under the right circumstances. Also, it is never as easy and instantaneous as they show in the movies.

“The idea of “finding” one’s passion implies that people have built-in interests just waiting to be discovered… But people with that mindset are more likely to give up on their newfound interest when they hit the inevitable roadblock.”
‘Find your passion’? That’s bad advice, scientists say. The Washington Post

It has only been a few weeks since some random guy reached out to me for some guidance on becoming a full-time blogger.

He is an aspiring author cum life coach (with two years of experience).

He has written and self-published half a dozen books on Amazon and only sold one and a half copies to his friends and families.

Not so bad for a fresher, right?



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