The Simple Secret To Turn Your Dreams Into Achievable Goals

Stop fantasizing. Start executing.

Anirban Kar
Awakened Millennial
7 min readApr 10, 2022


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I get it. It’s an easy mistake to make.

Even I have spent most of my life not knowing the difference between daydreaming and goal building.

Most people do the same. They dream about owning a mansion, having a magazine-cover physique, getting famous, or being good at something.

Then, they give up.

How many of those who want to be a millionaire take the first step and start a business? How many of those who want to be in the movies dare to take acting classes? How many of those who want to lose weight wake up early for jogging?

Not many.

But why don’t they take the first step? Is it because they are lazy? Or are they too weak? No. It’s because, to them, they are just that, dreams. They use them to escape their realities.

Here’s what these poor souls don’t realize. Their realities don’t have to be as miserable as they are. It can get pretty closer to their dreams.

It only takes two things:

  1. A clear conception of what you are trying to achieve and why
  2. Consistent targeted effort on the right things over a long period

Look. I can’t guarantee you exact results. No one can.

However, by following these, you can get much much closer to achieving what you truly want.

But to do so, you must first turn your dreams into clear, well-defined goals so you can act upon them without overwhelming yourself.

Here’s how to do that.

Start by Asking the Right Questions

Why do you dream about the things you do?

Trust me. Only a few people can answer that.

A couple of days ago, one of my friends was venting out about how she hated her job and how I was so lucky to make a full-time living without a 9-to-5 hustle.

So I asked her; what else would she like to do instead? She answered: “Maybe, painting.”



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