2016 Auggie Award Winners

And the winners are….

The best-of-the-best of the augmented world were honored yesterday on the main stage at AWE where the 7th Annual Auggie Awards took place.

The winners of the 2016 Auggie Awards are:

  1. Best Headset or Smart Glasses sponsored by IEEE: Connected eyewear including smart glasses, goggles, head-mounted displays (HMD), heads-up displays (HUD), and helmets
  • Epson Moverio BT-300 by Epson

2. Best Hardware sponsored by Intel: Wearables, gesture and input devices, sensors, cameras, displays, stationary installations, chips and robotics

  • Ricoh Theta S by Ricoh

3. Best App sponsored by ODG: AR, VR and wearable applications available to the public in app stores

  • BeoHome Design App by ViewAR

4. Best Campaign sponsored by Bosch & Re’flekt: Marketing campaigns for major brands that use AR, VR and wearable technology

  • Dutch Lady Flying Farm by AR&Co

5. Best Enterprise Solution sponsored by PTC Vuforia: Solutions that solve business problems using AR, VR and wearable technology

  • Atheer AiR Platform by Atheer

6. Best Tool: Software Developer Kits, platforms and other creation tools that enable the creation of solutions and experiences in AR, VR and wearable technology

  • Vuforia by PTC

7. Best Game or Toy sponsored by PTC Vuforia: Connected toy or gaming solutions that enable digital interaction with the physical world or physical interaction in the virtual world

  • Air Hogs Connect Mission Drone by Spin Master Studios

8. Best Art or Film sponsored by the CFC: Art Installations or films including design concepts and documentary films that explore the augmented or virtual world

  • Refugees by Scopic

The winners of these nine categories were selected based on popular vote followed by a judging round by the following judges:

  • Ori Inbar (AWE Founder)
  • Mark Billinghurst (Partner, Super Ventures)
  • Tish Shute (AWE co-founder and Director of Innovation, Huawei)
  • David Lorenzini (Board member, Augmented Reality.Org)
  • Brian Mullins (CEO, Daqri and Board member, AugmentedReality.Org)
  • Matt Miesnieks (Partner, Super Ventures)
  • Tom Emrich (Founder, We Are Wearables)
  • Karl Krantz (Founder, SVVR)
  • Jay Iorio (Futurist, IEEE-SA)
  • Christopher Stapleton (Executive Creative Producer, Simiosys)
  • Ronald Azuma (Advanced R&D New Media, Intel)
  • John Haddock (CTO, ODG)
  • Dirk Schart (Head of Marketing, Re’flekt/Bosch)
  • Carl Byers (President AREA)
  • Patrick O’Shaughnessey (Principal, Patched Reality)
  • David Beard (Senior Product Manager, PTC Vuforia)
  • Ana Serrano (CFC Media Lab)
  • Eric Mizufuka (New Ventures Manager, Epson)
  • Zvi Greenstein (General Manager, Nvidia)
  • Patrick Alo (CMO, Daqri)
  • Tom Furness (Founder, Virtual World Society)
  • Juergen Lumera (Director Global TIS, Bosch)

The winners from these nine categories were announced on the main staeg at AWE yesterday during the 2016 Auggie Awards Ceremony.

The three final best-in-show categories for AR, VR and wearables will conclude today, June 2, where these winners will be honoured on the main stage at the end of the show.

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