AR in Automotive

Bosch’s focus on augmented reality

Source: Bosch

Augmented reality is set to change every industry including automotive. AR solutions are being used to change the driver experience such as augmented user manuals and navigation systems as well as aiding engineers and manufacturing teams in helping them visualize parts and new automotive designs.

Bosch, one of the world’s largest supplier of automotive components, is committed to the future of augmented reality believing that AR will impact every customer experience. The company has made significant investments to introduce this technology into multiple industries including medical, education, robotics and automotive.

According to Bosch:

In industrial engineering, our solutions help technicians to improve productivity through effective training, service and maintain complex industrial equipment; in education our solutions promotes experiential learning by simplifying complex concepts and make them easy to understand for students; in Sales, Marketing and Service, the solution gives customers a unified platform providing from previewing a product to the basic service, an immersive experience of the product portfolio alongside comparisons, appropriateness for the customer and In Medicine, our Augmented Reality solutions can help physicians and students experience live interactive imaging.

Bosch’s Director of Global TIS Product Management and Innovation, Juergen Lumera will take the stage at AWE Europe on October 18 to talk on a panel focused on AR in Automotive. Lumera is joined by members from Audi, and SoftKinetic to engage in this discussion.

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