Bringing AR to Scale in the Enterprise

Watch the DAQRI panel discussing the enterprise AR opportunity led by DAQRI Co-founder, Gaia Dempsey on stage at AWE USA 2017

Disruptive technologies are changing the game everywhere we look. In the industrial world, manufacturing businesses have increasingly evolved into service providers, from Rolls Royce’s well-known “Power by the Hour” jet engine business model, to the automotive industry’s current focus on how to provide “Mobility Services” rather than just selling cars. For these reasons and more, today’s workforce requires adaptability, comfort with change, and a quick learning curve.

Augmented reality provides a flexible tool that empowers workers to keep up with the pace of ever-accelerating change. AR minimizes mental effort and cognitive load for workers, regardless of individual differences in information retrieval capacity. DAQRI co-founder, Gaia Dempsey led a panel discussion with DAQRI CEO Brian Mullins, Neil Hand, VP of Innovation at Dell and Jesper Christiansen, the Director of Digital Twin Initiative at IBM to explore how AR is raising the bar for industrial businesses today by improving productivity and safety, minimizing downtime, and accelerating learning and adaptation.

Watch the full panel discussion here: