Falling in Love with Learning in Virtual Worlds in the Home

Watch the grandfather of VR and Founder of The Virtual World Society, Tom Furness, give his keynote talk on the Virtual World Society Track at AWE USA 2017

Growing up with Virtual Reality (VR) will provide the next generation with infinite possibilities for lifelong learning. How will this impact families and how can parents leverage what is considered to be one of the most powerful learning tools in modern times? Living rooms will become one of the most technically advanced learning landscapes in the community. Parents will need to fill the role of chief educator of their children, enabling the jump-start to their academic career. This has as much potential giving youth the competitive to survive in the modern world. It provides as many challenges as it does opportunities. Can it cause a lifetime of isolation or the bridge for social engagement? Are families prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities that will define this next generation’s?

Virtual World Society founder, Tom Furness took the Virtual World Society Track Stage to explore a case study of a family prototyping a Virtual Learning Living Room integrating the state-of-the-art VR equipment and experiences within their daily lives.

Watch the full talk here: