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PuttView wins the AWE Europe Auggie Award

The first Auggie Award to be awarded in Europe goes to a startup augmenting the game of golf

AWE Europe 2016 ended yesterday with a ceremony presenting the Auggie Award for Best-in-Show. The Auggie Awards celebrate the best-of-the-best in the augmented world, showcasing innovation in augmented reality, virtual reality and wearable tech. The Auggies have been given out to winners in the United States and China and yesterday was the first time they took place in Europe at the Berlin Congress Centre.

We are pleased to announce that the first Auggie in Europe went to PuttView, a startup changing the way golfers practice using augmented reality. Putt View was showcasing two of its solutions on the expo floor at AWE Europe including its projection-based golf assistant and a HoloLens app — both providing digital guides to help the golfer understand how to take the perfect putt. The applications also had a gamification option to make practice even more fun.

The shortlist for the AWE Europe Auggie Award for Best-in-Show included:

TWNKLS — a full-service AR agency that focuses on the creation, development and implementation of mobile AR applications

PuttView — utilizes advanced technologies to create a fundamentally new way to practice golf

Ubimax — the European Market Leader for Industrial Wearable Computing Solutions

Innovation Rocks —digital media agency

Realities —photogrammetry VR Scenes changing tourism

Table Tennis Trainer — projection based augmented reality ping pong

A huge congrats to all of the finalists and a big thank you to our Auggie Award sponsors RE’FLEKT and Bosch.



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