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Sep 20, 2016 · 2 min read

From education to entertainment, we take a look at some of the themes explored at AWE Europe 2016 this October

With just one month away from AWE Europe we are breaking down some of the themes attendees can expect when attending this AR/VR event.

AR in Automotive and Aerospace

From assisting car owners with AR-enabled user manuals using smartphones to windshields that display computer-generated information the automotive industry is investing in opportunities to augment the car experience. Bosch, Audi, and SoftKinetic talk on this subject in the “AR in Automotive Panel” on Day 1.

Enterprise Industrial AR Experiences

Organizations are using augmented reality to empower their workforce allowing them to access information hands-free and collaborate in new ways using remote assistance. AWE Europe 2016 features a number of presentations on how AR is transforming industry from companies like RE’FLEKT, Ubimax, Picavi, TWNKLS, VividWorks, and Oxford Brookes University.

Gaming and Entertainment

Virtual and augmented reality create immersive experiences which introduce new ways for users to engage in film, music, and gaming. Along with AWE’s signature ARt Gala which features artists using AR in creative ways, AWE Europe features presentations from Rabbx highlighting Mixed Reality Experiences with Project Tango and HoloLens, and a look at “What Pokemon Could Be in the Future” with Wikitude.

AR and VR investment opportunities

According to a recent report from CB Insights, more than $2.5 billion has been invested in VR and AR companies across more than 200 deals since 2014. But what are the market opportunities for the new wave? Annette Zimmermann, Research Director at Gartner and Super Ventures Partner, Tom Emrich discuss on Day 2 of the event.

AR and VR developer tools

In order for AR and VR to succeed, developers are needed to create compelling software experiences which prove the value of these new platforms and to do this they need tools. AWE Europe 2016 features a number of developer workshops featuring SDKs from PTC Vuforia, Inglobe Technologies, App-Real, Catchoom, ViewAR, Wikitude, and Unity.

AR and VR in education

Going beyond the traditional text books and tutorial videos, AR and VR offering unique opportunities for employees and students to learn including immersive virtual reality simulations and real-time instructions via a heads-up display.

AR for smart cities

From real estate and city planning, to construction, and facility maintenance, AR applications are changing the way we engage with our cities, creating smarter experiences. Principal Scientist at VTT, Charles Woodward, explores this topic in his presentation “AR for Cities” as does presentations from companies like Holobuilder.

The full agenda and list of exhibitors being showcased at AWE Europe 2016 can be found at The event takes place at the Berlin Congress Centre on October 18–19.

AWE Blog

This is the official blog of AWE — the largest AR+VR event in the world with dates in the USA, China and Europe. Superpowers to the People!

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AWE Blog

AWE Blog

This is the official blog of AWE — the largest AR+VR event in the world with dates in the USA, China and Europe. Superpowers to the People!

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