Why We Love Google AdWords

When it comes to giving your clients the most bang for their buck nothing works quite like AdWords. While Elevate offers a range of digital marketing services or AdWords Management is our strongest offering.

Online marketing is a difficult landscape to navigate sometimes with the constant change and flux in the platforms and tools that are used.

When a business approaches the team at Elevate one of the first things we do after learning about their business is to dive into the accounts that they have set up.

This might include accessing an MCC an AdWords account or even an AdWords express account.

The power of AdWords comes from its ability to test such a large and transaction slice of the internet.

Using AdWords To Test Product Market Fit

While AdWords is note for everyone it can be a great way to test the viability of a market known and/or unknown. As we work with a lot of start ups the latter is very common.

If you have never used AdWords before it can be pretty daunting little activity as soon as you enter the AdWords interface there are endless options available to you.

Using AdWords To Test Product Market Fit

Common AdWords Issues

Often we inherit accounts that have had 4 or 5 people working in them over the years and who knows how many agencies. What this can result in is a very poorly configured campaign set up.

  • Incorrect Keyword Grouping
  • NOT Matching Keywords Correctly
  • Missing Negative Keywords
  • Looking At Creative Not Analytics
  • No Brand Based Bids
  • Not Understanding Life Time Value of A Customer
  • Not Bidding For Optimal Ad Position
  • No Competitor Research
  • Thinking It Is The Holy Grail
Common AdWords Issues

10 Benefits Of Google AdWords

  1. Unrivalled Measurement
  2. Cost Effective
  3. Transactional Advertising (No fluffy brand stuff, unless you want some?)
  4. GEO Targeting
  5. Time Based Targeting
  6. Language Targeting
  7. Device Targeting
  8. Coverage
  9. Automations
  10. Scaleability
Benefits Of AdWords


AdWords is a great tool that can be heavily leveraged to grow you business. Proper account set up and configuration should result in a new and steady influx of high quality leads.

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