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πŸ“… Yearly News from Awesome Cloud πŸ“°

Awesome Cloud

Hey there!

How have you been? I know it has been a while. I was working on how to make Awesome Cloud better for you.

This is the last newsletter for this year from my Medium publication, Awesome Cloud.

Awesome Cloud newsletters are intended to help cloud enthusiasts by providing up-to-date AWS services overview, benefits, use cases, best practices, and useful guides with the latest tips and tricks.

Here are the stories of the Year 2023 🎁

Year 2022 in Awesome Cloud ☁️

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Ashish Patel is a Cloud Architect who writes about the things he does and loves on Medium. He is the sole editor and writer of many publications. He shares his technical knowledge and experience on AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, Terraform, .NET, DevOps, etc.

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