Grant Gochnauer: Awesome Humans — Issue #62

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Being an Awesome Human


10 Learnings from 10 Years of Brain Pickings — Brain Pickings — 
 Fluid reflections on keeping a solid center.

100 blocks a day fb

100 Blocks a Day — Wait But Why —

What happens when you think of your time in block. You start to appreciate the time you have much more. Check out this interesting perspective and apply it to your own life.

Slippery Slope: Study Finds Little Lies Lead to Bigger Ones — ABC News 
 Slippery Slope: Study Finds Little Lies Lead to Bigger Ones


Five myths about genius — 
 Wait, they’re not actually smarter than the rest of us?

Nothing personal watercolor painting

3 Important Life Skills Nobody Ever Taught You — 
 Some life skills are more valuable than others. Here are three you probably never learned.

Being a Healthy Human

Recovery bucket

The Science of Sleep: A Brief Guide on How to Sleep Better Every Night — 
 Want to learn how to sleep better? Look no further. This guide walks you through everything you need to know to learn how to sleep better every night.

Human Builders

Speed as a Habit 
 Too many people believe that speed is the enemy of quality. To an extent they’re right — you can’t force innovation and sometimes genius needs time and freedom to bloom. But in my experience, that’s the rare case. There’s not always a stark tradeoff between something done fast and done well. Don’t let you or your organization use that as a false shield or excuse to lose momentum. The moment you do, you lose your competitive advantage.

An open letter to entrepreneurs

A Retrospective On Entrepreneurship At One —

“Entrepreneurship (and in fact any new venture) is never really what you expect. In many ways that’s the point. It’s a voyage of personal and professional discovery — about yourself, your customers and your business model. There isn’t a linear trajectory toward success or failure. It’s an experiment, and a challenging one at that.”

Trh meaning of work artwork wide bcfd73290db025bcb7534aeb3ba5dad3d8162d5f

The Meaning Of Work : TED Radio Hour : NPR —

Highly recommend this podcast episode!!

“Love it or hate it, most of us have to work for a living. So, how can we make work more meaningful? This hour, TED speakers explore our values and motivations when it comes to the workplace.”

How complex systems fail

The Myth of the Root Cause: How Complex Web Systems Fail —

“In his influential paper How Complex Systems Fail, Richard Cook shares 18 sharp observations on the nature of failure in complex medical systems. The nice thing about these observations is that most of them hold true for complex systems in general. Our intuitive notions of cause-and-effect, where each outage is attributable to a direct root cause, are a poor fit to the reality of modern systems.

In this post, I’ll translate Cook’s insights into the context of our beloved web systems and explore how they fail, why they fail, how you can prepare for outages, and how you can prevent similar failures from happening in the future.”

Future Humans

Dressed qubit

Quantum research achieves 10-fold boost in stability —

“A team of Australian researchers has developed a qubit offering ten times the stability of existing technologies. The computer scientists claim that the new innovation could significantly increase the reliability of quantum computing calculations… The new technology, developed at the University of New South Wales, has been named a ‘dressed’ quantum bit as it combines a single atom with an electromagnetic field. This process allows the qubit to remain in a superposition state for ten times longer than has previously been achieved. The researchers argue that this extra time in superposition could boost the performance stability of quantum computing calculations… Previously fragile and short-lived, retaining a state of superposition has been one of the major barriers to the development of quantum computing. The ability to remain in two states simultaneously is the key to scaling and strengthening the technology further.”

A peek into the future of lithium batteries

“Lithium-metal electrodes could increase the storage capacity of batteries 10-fold, predict researchers at the University of Michigan, allowing electric cars to drive from New York to Denver without recharging. Using a $100 piece of technology, the team is now peeking inside charging batteries to study the formation of “dendrites,” which consume liquid electrolytes and reduce capacity”

One More Thing

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The Biggest Money Mistakes We Make — Decade by Decade —

“Our financial errors vary by age. Here’s a look at what we get wrong decade by decade — and how to do better.”

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