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Introduction to Game Hacking!


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The history of video games goes as far back as the early 1950s, but video games did not reach mainstream popularity until the 1970s and 1980s when video game consoles and home computer games were introduced to the layman public.

‌ ‌When online PC games became popular and started to draw large crowds in the1990s and early 2000s that's when game hacking became popular. The game developers devoted countless hours toward preventing hackers, but games were still simple enough to easily reverse engineer and manipulate. Present game companies started taking hacking very seriously. Now they have dedicated teams focused on preventing hacks, also they don't hesitate to ban players who use cheat and sue the cheat developers who provided them. But the war is still going on between game hackers and game companies as online gaming becoming more popular in recent years.

How to tinker around Game?

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Video games are simply applications but yet they are the most complex applications you can ever imagine. So, if you want to learn game hacking I would suggest not to jump on and try to hack complicated games, start with something easy like Urban Terror, Assault Cube, and CS:GO. Some games are made to help you in learning game hacking like Pwn Adventure 3 and Squally. The best way you can legally practice game hacking is through CTF challenges. You can also make your own game and try to hack it, that way you will get the perspective of a game developer and if you have written several games using a certain game engine, it definitely would be easier to hack another game built on the same engine. Quiet a simple suggestion would be not trying to learn game hacking on new games like Valorant, PUBG, Apex Legend, Cyberpunk 2077, etc. Because they are too complicated for beginners.

How do you get started?

STEP 1: Learn about Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine

What is Cheat Engine?

Cheat Engine is a Powerful memory scanning tool. It allows you to access data stored in your computer’s memory and make changes to that data. This allows you to change the information in a game, such as health, ammo, etc. It also comes with a debugger, disassembler, assembler, trainer maker, direct 3D manipulation tools, system inspection tools, and more.

It also has a tutorial that you can find in your help menu (Cheat Engine Tutorial Guide) after installing. I will recommend you to go through the tutorial for a basic understanding of Cheat Engine.

STEP 2: Learning C++ or C#.

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A general question many people ask is “Should I learn C++ or C#?

The answer is C++. Because most of the games are written in C++ and it's also good for developing cheats.

If you will learn or have good hands on the syntax of one programming language you can learn another easily. Just start learning and keep practicing that’s the key.

Resources for getting started with C++:

C++ by The Cherno

C++ Programming Tutorials Playlist


STEP 3: Learn x86 & x86–64 Assembly

The x86 Assembly language is a low-level programming language, it can be described as machine language. If we can understand assembly, then we can understand exactly how a computer works & other low-level stuff.

Understanding Assembly is a very important part of game hacking. You have to understand the code when you will reverse engineer the game. That’s why you must learn about registers, the stack, instructions, memory, virtual storage, rings, other protection mechanisms, I/O, interrupts, etc.

Cheat Engine

You will see the use of assembly- language when you will get through the Cheat Engine Tutorials.

Resources for assembly language:

Assembly Language Resources

Modern x64 Assembly

Step 4: Reverse Engineering


In simple words, reverse engineering is the process of extracting knowledge or design information from an application and recreate it or create anything based on the extracted information. Game hacking is a branch of reverse engineering on its own, you have to understand the logic of the game to find a flaw and exploit it. This means you should have at least basic knowledge of reverse engineering before you jump into game hacking.

If you want to learn reverse engineering, I would suggest you write some C or C++ code, compile it, disassemble, hand-decompile to C or C++back again.


A curated list of Assembly Language / Reversing / Malware Analysis -resources

Applied Reverse Engineering Series

Step 5: Tools :


Cheat Engine is the most important tool when you’re reverse engineering a game but that doesn’t mean you will not use any other tools. You will also use different disassemblers and debuggers like IDA, Ghidra, x86dbg, OllyDbg, etc. That's why learning those tools is also important.

Resources & tutorials :

Cheat Engine Tutorial Guide

Ollydbg Tutorial

Ghidra quickstart & tutorial: Solving a simple crackme

Introduction to Reverse Engineering with Ghidra

IDA Pro Reverse Engineering Tutorial for Beginners

Step 6: Watch YouTube Tutorials & Read Blogs

The best way to learn is through forums and tutorials, that's how I’m learning through this phase of mine.


Tutorials that I would like to suggest :




The Game Hacking Resource

Game Hacking Forums

Guided Hacking (

UnKnoWnCheaTs Forum (

REGames Discord (

REGames Reddit (

Cheat Engine Forum ( )

Step 7: Learn to use DuckDuckGo

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Do you even duckduckgo bro? You can found everything on the internet. If you stuck anywhere while learning, just open duckduckgo and start searching about it.

Step 8: Practice & Practice

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This was just an introductory blog. I will be releasing more detailed blogs on specific topics of game hacking in the upcoming series.

I’m still at my learning phase so feel free to constructively criticize my posts which definitely will improve my knowledge & help me to grow!

Also huge thanks to GuidedHacking, GameHakingAcademy, GameHackingBook, and other people. I have learned almost everything from these guys. Till then keep hacking !!

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