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Setup MFA on G-Suite Account

G Suite gives the option of turning on two-step verification for Gmail accounts. This provides an extra layer of security to your user’s data by having them authenticate with a verification code as well as their password. It is recommended that you enable this option to make your accounts more secure. The instructions below will lead you through enabling two-step verification as well as enforcing its use for your G Suite service.

Step 01: Go to your Gmail Console and Select Accounts

Step 02: Now Select the Security Option

Step 03: From Signing into Google Console select 2-Step Verification

Step 04: Select the authenticator type as Text Message or Authenticator app.

Step 05: Log out and log in again and you should be able to login using the MFA code now.



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Govind Kumar

Govind Kumar

Technology Evangelist | Head of Cloud Migration @Axcess IO | Cloud Arch. | RHC(SA/E) | AWS (SysOps/Developer) — Associate | CCNA | AWS Networking Speciality.