Axelar Announces the launch of their Incentivized Quantum Community Program

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4 min readDec 6, 2021

Axelar is excited to announce the launch of the incentivized Quantum Community Program! This community-focused program aims to introduce participants to the Axelar network and provide the opportunity to create a variety of original content to expand Axelar’s resource base and reach.

Participants in Axelar’s Quantum Community Program do not need to be technical! We have an exciting call for submissions centred around content creation that allow ambitious, non-technical members to participate and contribute.

Program Breakdown:

The first phase of the program will be focused on education, in order to familiarize participants with the Axelar network. To start, we ask that all interested participants read through:

Axelar’s Whitepaper

A Technical Introduction to the Axelar Network

As well as the other articles posted on Axelar’s blog.

This first portion will be followed by an open call for submissions. This is your chance to get creative! We are prioritizing quality submissions over quantity, and are looking for original, creative and well executed contributions. Please be sure to read through the submission and program guidelines before submitting.

Some ideas for submissions include, but are not limited to:

  • Blog posts covering various aspects of Axelar
  • Explainer/walkthrough videos
  • Whiteboard videos
  • Infographic videos
  • Technical blog posts
  • Guides
  • Translations
  • Telegram/Discord bots
  • Creating & moderating new community channels
  • Creating an Axelar subReddit
  • Graphics

For creators:

  • Writing a post(s) covering Axelar on your Medium page
  • Creating an explainer/whiteboard/analysis, etc. of Axelar for your YouTube channel
  • Featuring Axelar on your podcast
  • Covering Axelar in your blog

These are just some suggestions of the types of possible submissions! Once you’ve assembled all of your links, docs, etc, all eligible participants are invited to fill the Quantum Community Program Submission Form. Please only submit one form per person, and include all relevant material you would like considered. While multiple submissions from a single participant will be accepted, a higher volume of submissions will not guarantee that you will move onto the next phase!

There have already been some great initiatives taken by the community in terms of content creation, moderation, and more- so if you run or moderate a community Telegram channel, have submitted translations, etc. we encourage you to submit all relevant work and links to the program! If accepted, you will be invited to complete weekly tasks/metrics moving forward to continue with the program.

Program phases and timelines:

Phase 1 will consist of an open call for eligible submissions, where participants are encouraged to submit their previous and/or current work. The top 300 participants will be invited to move onto Phase 2 of the program, based on the quality, creativity and scope of their submissions. Next, the top 150 participants from Phase 2 will be chosen to move onto Phase 3 of the program, and from there, the top 50 participants will be invited to move onto the 4th and final phase of the program. Phases 2–4 will see participants expand on their original submissions and continue to create new and creative work. The quality of the submissions will be judged exclusively at the discretion of the Axelar Foundation.

Participants accepted into Phase 2 of the program will achieve an official rank and will be sent an exclusive Axelar NFT to display on their profile and use across their socials. Participants who successfully make it to Phase 3 will also achieve an official rank and will receive an exclusive NFT as well as a custom swag pack. Lastly, those who make it to the Phase 4 of the program will achieve the highest official rank as well as receive an exclusive NFT and a limited edition swag pack.

If you have any questions, comments or just want to learn more, please join Axelar’s Discord and post in the #quantum-community-program-qa channel.

Phases 2, 3 and 4 will be incentivized with an allocation of up to 100,000 tokens per phase, divided between the accepted participants. Some participants may receive a higher allocation for their contributions, depending on the quality and quantity of the submissions, which will be judged at the discretion of the Axelar Foundation.

The genesis supply of the Axelar network at the launch will be 1B Axelar Tokens. Subject to potential modification by the Axelar Foundation, currently it is estimated that up to 300,000 tokens from the genesis supply will be distributed amongst the Quantum Community Program participants. The token rewards from the incentivized testnet will be distributed to eligible participants in the future at the mainet launch. Please note that the Quantum Community Program is only open to participants outside of the US and Canada.

By applying to participate in the Quantum Community Program you acknowledge that in order to be eligible for the future distribution of Axelar tokens for successful submissions, you will be required to pass any and all required KYC/AML checks and perform other actions deemed necessary by the Axelar foundation.

Future grants will be awarded to participants based on their submissions to the program, although it is not required to complete all suggested tasks. Feel free to contribute as much or as little as you like depending on your interests and skillets! The only thing we do ask is that you fill out the completion form in order for your submission to be evaluated. Emphasis will be placed on originality, outreach, creativity, and impact.

The resources accepted into the Quantum Community Program will be featured on an exciting new platform- more news on that coming soon!