Top 20 European Conferences for Tech startups in 2019

Awesome tech conferences for startups are emerging in Europe! Here is an overview of the main conferences not to miss in 2019, from B2B and SaaS to global leading events on Innovation and rising events all around Europe.

Best B2B and SaaS Conferences in Europe

B2B Rocks, on September 6, 2018 — Paris

LTV Conference (May 9–10, London)

LTV Conf 2019 will bring like-minded SaaS entrepreneurs, private and public companies as well as active investors from all over the world into one space to collaborate and take away meaningful connections and ideas to drive future growth.

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SaaStr Europa (June 12 -13, Paris)

Well known in the US, SaaStr is expanding in Europe and landed in Paris for SaaStr Europa. With a full day of thought leadership sessions, networking, and mentorship, it’s a great place to meet peers in the SaaS industry.

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B2B ROCKS (September 12 - Paris)

B2B Rocks is the best human-sized conference in Europe for B2B and SaaS startups. Guaranteed “100% no-bullshit”, the exclusive speakers and 25-minutes slots from European founders allow intense keynotes full of hands-on advice. Based in Paris, the event is purposefully limited to 500 founders encouraging the best networking opportunities and highly valuable discussions with B2B and SaaS founders.

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SaaStock (October 14–16, Dublin)

SaaStock is getting bigger and bigger. The event gathers 250+ exhibitors, many VC fund and over 140+ keynote speakers. SaaStock Dublin is a great event gathering a large community of SaaS founders and executives from all around Europe.

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SaaS Monster (November 4–7, Lisbonne)

A crossroads for the world’s most disruptive emerging technology companies, SaaS Monster features the industry leaders in cloud computing, big data, security, marketing, customer service, and enterprise technology.

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XaaS (November 18–19, Berlin)

The XaaS Evolution Europe 2019 is the only all-European XaaS use and business cases event. IT decision-makers from large as well as medium size companies from all major industries meet to present their case studies and discuss major challenges, strategies, integration approaches and technological solutions related to the practical implementation of cloud services.

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The Biggest Tech Conferences in Europe

Slush, on December 4, 2018 — Helinski

The Next Web Conference (May 9–10, Amsterdam)

Technology is rapidly advancing before our eyes, raising questions about the next ten years. At TNW Conference, we come together to predict, discuss, and invent the future. Topics range from artificial intelligence to blockchain, and everything in between.

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VivaTech (May 16–18, Paris)

From top speakers and exhibitions to open innovation and live experiences, VivaTech is a celebration of today’s innovations and tomorrow’s possibilities for everyone who believes in the power of technology to transform business and society.

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Web Summit (November 4–7, Lisbonne)

At a time of great uncertainty for industry upon industry and the world itself, Web Summit gathers the founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing startups, policymakers and heads of state to ask a simple question: where to next?

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Slush (December 3-4, Helsinki)

Tech events are usually impressively lined up with the most accomplished and triumphant: their success is surely easy to recognize, but what’s much harder is to dig into their best-kept secrets and the real practices they preach and work by. The event is about giving the best, hands-on advice by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

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Fast Growing conferences in Europe

Bitz & Pretzels, September 29, 2019

EU-Startups Summit (May 2–3, Barcelona)

The EU-Startups Summit 2019 will bring together over 1,200 founders, startup enthusiasts, corporates, angel investors, VCs, as well as media people from all across Europe. The two-day event is a great opportunity for networking and a meeting point for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors who are aiming to build international tech companies.

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Webit Festival Europe (May 13–15, Sofia)

Webit is creating a density of opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe, APAC, MENA, and India by bringing together the most innovative in business, policy, and academia to improve the state of well-being of all people through boosting entrepreneurship, knowledge transfer and innovations.

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Startup Grind Europe (June 6, London)

At the Startup Grind Europe Conference over 3,000 startups, investors, and innovators will converge in London for discussions around the future of startups, venture capital, artificial intelligence, fintech, and more.

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NOAH conference (June 13–14, Berlin)

NOAH Conference describes itself as the platform to empower the European digital ecosystem by connecting its leaders. The conferences are organized every year in London, Berlin, and Tel Aviv, gathering Internet CEOs, executives, and investors.

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HEUREKA Conference (June 19, Berlin)

HEUREKA Conference is one of the main founders' conferences in the German­-speaking world. Across the past six years and the previous editions, the event has attracted more than 4.500 attendees.

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Pirate Summit (June 26–28, Cologne)

Our mission is to create meaningful connections and grow the startup ecosystem. We celebrate true entrepreneurship and the startup culture and are known for our curated, authentic and somewhat different approach to events.

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TOA Berlin (July 2–5, Berlin)

TOA is Europe’s Leading Technology Festival. Our mission is to help people futureproof their businesses and their lives. We believe that technology is transforming the way we work, live and relate: only if you understand technology can you take advantage of the opportunities it’s creating.

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Bits & Pretzels (September 29–1, Munich)

Bits & Pretzels is an application-only, three-day festival that connects 5,000 founders, investors, startup enthusiasts, and all other decision-makers of the startup ecosystem. The most successful founders from all around the world, as well as young aspiring entrepreneurs, will meet at the event for inspiration, learning, and matchmaking.

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South Summit (October, Madrid)

Political, social, technological, financial instability is all around and, while opportunity surrounds us, not everyone is able to seize it. We are the leading Innovation Global Platform which connects top innovators from Southern Europe and Latin America to the world´s most powerful investors, and corporations, who are.

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TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin (November - Berlin)

At Disrupt, everyone is a startupper — no matter if you’re a founder, investor, hacker or tech leader. So much more than just on-stage interviews, Disrupt is where you’ll find the renowned Startup Battlefield competition, a virtual Hackathon, hundreds of startups, etc.

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