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April 2022 Axial Newsletter

This month we’ve had a lot of exciting ecosystem events take place, and thus much to share in our newsletter! Read all about it below:

Avalanche Summit

The most anticipated and first-of-its-kind Avalanche conference has taken place this last month in Barcelona where builders, developers, users, degens and alpha-seekers all gathered to enjoy a week full of nothing but Avalanche and the opportunity to meet others in the space.

In celebration of the Summit, we partnered with Lost Worlds to deliver some awesome location-based NFTs for attendees to hunt and collect.

Cheers to all of those who attended and we hope you’ve enjoyed the conference as much as we did!

Non-Stop Celebrations

Last month was also filled with exciting holidays for everyone to celebrate all over the world. Be it St. Patrick’s Day, Holi or Nowruz - our community certainly had much to celebrate!

New Integrations

To add to our extensive list of integrations, we now welcome Firebird- a DEX aggregator with billions in swap volume. Their swap feature on Avalanche also aggregates Axial, and thus we welcome their users that can now make use of Axial’s extremely low swap fees and slippage.

Some Stats

A newsletter is not complete without looking into some interesting stats collected throughout these last few weeks:

  • AXIAL Supply - We are currently sitting at approximately 27.7% of AXIAL’s maximum supply.
  • Tokens Swapped - Users have swapped over $629 Million in token value through Axial’s many pools, with over 65,900 transactions to date.
  • ParaSwap TXs - ParaSwap’s users have transacted over $139 Million in token value through Axial, over 8,700+ transactions.
  • Swap Fees - Over $251,000 has been collected as fees from the many transactions through Axial’s pools.
  • Peak Volume - March’s peak weekly volume was of approximately $15M in total volume traded.
  • Average Swaps - The average swap volume sits at around $7,600, whereas the AM3D pool has an average swap volume of over $14,900.
  • Token Demand - The token with the highest swap demand is currently MIM, with over $221M being bought through Axial’s swaps.

About Axial

Axial is an Avalanche-native decentralized exchange that is the centerpiece for liquidity of value-pegged assets in the ecosystem. It provides traders swap functionality with ultra low fees and slippage and is integrated into the best DEX aggregators in the space. Axial specializes in providing liquidity between a variety of stable assets, including bridged, synthetic or derivative assets.

The Axial DAO was the first project to be launched as a spinout of Snowball Venture Studio, which is led by one of the most experienced teams on Avalanche with a great record of transparency, community-focus and innovation.

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