Announcing: Axie Infinity Mainnet Battle Launch 🎉


Axie Infinity is proud to announce the launch of our battle system on Ethereum Mainnet!

After months of testing and refining, our battle system is ready to go! You can now create teams of Axies and battle other trainers in the arena!

Off-Chain Battles

We’ve decided to make Axie Infinity battles off-chain to ensure our players have a smooth and enjoyable playing experience. All ownership of Axies remains on the Ethereum blockchain of course!

This means that our community will be able to battle to their heart’s content without paying pesky transaction fees!

To ensure the integrity of the system, we have added a test to ensure that the EXP sent to the Blockchain has been earned legitimately.

Now that battles are live, we will be joining the Loom NetworkPlasma Chain private beta. This means that Axie Infinity will be one of the first Ethereum DApps to scale using plasma cash so stay tuned!

Activity Points

Every Axie has three activity points. When a player wants to battle they need to spend an activity point. Once an activity point has been spent it will start to replenish, and it will take four hours until that activity point is ready to be used again. If a player has 12 points, they can spend all activity points at the same time but once all points have been spent, they will need to wait four hours to battle once, eight hours to battle twice or twelve hours to battle three times again.

Changes to Battle Positioning Logic

We’ve decided to alter the battle logic regarding positioning to give our players more strategic decisions to make when preparing for battle. Basically, if 2 Axies are the same distance from an attacking Axie, one Axie will be randomly chosen to be attacked. In our old system, the Axie closest to the top of the screen would have been chosen but we found this was not intuitive and made battles less strategic!

Bean’s Blessing

Bean’s Blessing

To celebrate the launch we have given all players Bean’s Blessing which can be activated daily for a 20% exp bonus.

Here’s how it works:

Each day, in the Battle Lobby, players will click the lucky charm(pictured above)and send a transaction to the blockchain. This transaction will cost only the gas fee and once you have sent it all your Axies will receive 20% bonus EXP for the next 24 hours.

EXP Rewards & Breeding Axies

Now that battles are live, players can earn exp and breed their Axies!

Winning a battle will earn 30 EXP per Axie, while losing will earn 15 EXP.

The EXP requirements for breeding are as follow:

1st Breed: 300
2nd Breed: 900
3rd Breed: 900
4th Breed: 1500
5th Breed: 2400
6th Breed: 3000
7th Breed: 3000

Remember, EXP will also be used for leveling up an Axie’s base stats and leveling their body parts, so use your EXP wisely!

Edit: EXP gained is not currently being shown on the frontend but will be displayed and available for breeding within 5 days. Your Axies are earning EXP though!

How You Can Help

If you want to help spread the Axie revolution and possibly win some prizes, check out our Gleam competition here:

See You in The Arena,

The Axie Infinity Team

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