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Announcing: Axie Land Market is Open!


  • You can now buy, sell, and gift land and items.
  • We will be rolling out more functionality to the marketplace over the coming days and weeks.
  • In order to access the Axie land/item market, you will need to deposit Ether from your MetaMask account to your Axie Loom account. Please make sure to use the deposit button from the profile page here:
  • We believe our land market is a major step forward for nonfungible token marketplaces in terms of UX and speed.
  • Players who already have a Zombie battleground/Relentless wallet linked to their Ethereum wallet will be unable to deposit Ether to their wallet — working on a solution for this.
  • **IMPORTANT** do not send ETH from exchanges directly to your Axie Loom account/wallet. For now, you need to send it to your MetaMask first and then deposit it from MetaMask.

It’s been an amazing few months in the Axie universe! We were delighted by the response to our vision for our land system and were able to raise ~3,600 ETH to build Lunacia!

In the spirit of enabling true ownership and freedom for our players, we are happy to announce that the market for Land and Land items is now open!

If you’d like to know more about our plan over the coming months please check out our recently updated gameplay roadmap here.

Players can freely list any asset they own without paying gas-fees. This is made possible by utilizing Loom Network’s PlasmaChain.

Email login and Axie Wallet.

We are constantly looking to improve the user experience for our players and this means moving away from MetaMask one step at a time. If you own Axies please sign in using MetaMask on and add an email address to your profile.

New players can create an account using their e-mail address and retroactively add a MetaMask wallet if they want to get Axies. In the future players will not need MetaMask to own Axies or interact with the game.

Depositing Ether into your account

Once you have set up your Axie wallet you will need to deposit some Ether into it to purchase land and items. If you simply wish to sell your assets there is no need to deposit Ether — there are no gas-fees when using the Axie land marketplace. The tx will take a few moments to confirm.

Click Deposit
No need to sign a transaction — it’s all on PlasmaChain.

You can freely withdraw any Ether you have in your Axie wallet back to the wallet of your choice.

** Please do not send ETH from exchanges to your Axie Loom account.**

Also, note that you will be unable to view your Ether on Etherscan once deposited to the Axie wallet.

Withdrawing Ether from your Account

To withdraw, simply go to your profile page and click withdraw. The tx will take some moments to confirm.

Enter in the amount of ETH you’d like to withdraw and sign the transaction.

in this case, you need to sign a MetaMask transaction since you are interacting with the main Ethereum network.

Listing Land For Sale

In order to list land go to

Then press the map.

Once you’re on the map you’ll be able to click on your parcels and list them for sale.

Marketplace details.

You will notice that the basic functionality of the marketplace at the moment includes selling, buying and gifting assets. We will be rolling out multiple upgrades to the marketplace in the coming weeks and months like:

  • Observing where a given plot of land on the marketplace exists on the map.
  • Bundle your land and items together and list them for a price.
  • Offer features for players who want a particular plot of land that is not listed on the marketplace.
  • Purchasing land and items without having to deposit Ether to your Axie Wallet.
  • Supporting multiple currencies

Can I use a DAPP browser or mobile wallet to purchase land?

For now, we recommend using Chrome/Brave when interacting with the Axie Land Marketplace. In time we will be adding support for Dapp browsers and mobile wallets.

Why can I not view my land and items on Etherscan

These items are minted on Loom’s PlasmaChain as ERC721 tokens. You can view them on the PlasmaChain block explorer once it is live.

For more information please join the conversation on our Discord or follow us on Twitter. Also, remember to clap and share to spread the Axie revolution!

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