Announcing: Axies in Decentraland!

Today we’re super excited to announce that Axies are coming to the Decentraland platform!

Adventurers will be able to earn tokenized rewards for tracking down our mascots through a scavenger hunt set in Genesis City.

What is Decentraland?

Decentraland is a virtual reality experience built on Ethereum that allows users to build rich, 3d content on a decentralized platform.

Decentraland is divided up into a finite supply of parcels with each parcel corresponding to a non-fungible LAND token. The owners of these parcels have full ownership of their land in Decentraland and can build and curate the experiences accessible to visitors of their holdings!

Due to all the excitement around the platform’s release in early 2019, the Decentraland Marketplace is very active with the USD equivalent of tens of thousands of dollars being transacted on a daily basis.

We’ve been big fans of Decentraland and their strong community since the beginning of our journey and it’s been a pleasure working with their team to flesh out the details of our collaboration. To learn more about Decentraland visit their site or join their active Discord community.

What will the Axie experience look like in Decentraland?

The three original Axie mascots, Puff, Kotaro, and Ginger are hiding throughout Decentraland’s Genesis City, and it’s your job to find them!

Axie totem poles, built on various parcels and plazas, will provide riddles to help players locate our mascots. Players that are able to track down the Axies will receive tokenized rewards like terrarium items to show off!

We love using Axies as passports to digital experiences, so only players that own at least one Axie will be able to see and follow the clues. To help introduce the Decentraland community to our universe — the totems will double as access points to the Axie Egg Shop and Axie Marketplace.

The Road Ahead

Stay tuned for development updates over the coming months as the launch date for Genesis city approaches.

We’d also like to invite Decentraland community members to check out our game and community! We think you’ll find a like-minded group of evangelists and futurists that are interested in re-defining digital ownership!

Come meet us in our Discord!

Axie Infinity is a digital pet community, founded upon the vision of delivering true gameplay and utility to the decentralized gaming space.

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