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Axie Infinity — A Quick Overview

To infinity and beyond, that’s how to describe Axie Infinity since it promises an endless fun. With breeding, raising and battling, Axie Infinity is more than just a Tamagotchi-styled game, not to mention a potential blockbuster of blockchain games industry.

So what is Axie Infinity exactly?

Inspired by the idea of Pokémon and Tamagotchi games, Axie Infinity is a decentralized game based on Ethereum platform introducing players to the adorable fantasy creatures known as Axie. Those creatures also have the powerful potential underneath their appearance. The game allows players to breed, raise, battle and even trade them in marketplace.

Axies live in their own artificial environment called Terrarium. Through daily activities and battles with other Axies, the Axies could gain experience to evolve to a superior level. To succeed in raising them, players need to understand their Axies as if Axies are your real best friends.

Axies are deadly cute, that is an undeniable truth. But Axies are not only just cute, their appearance are almost unique. It is difficult to find two look-alike Axies since their body parts have various forms and shapes. There are more than 500 Axie’s body parts (and much more to be revealed); thus, the combination of them is limitless. Players will never be bored of exploring new combinations.

Axies’ body and parts are classified into classes including Beast, Plant, Bug, Bird, Reptile and Aquatic, and more in future release. Moreover, the parts also come with four levels of rarity, which are Common, Rare, Ultra Rare, Legendary.

A fresh yet potential blockbuster of blockchain games

Blockchain technology is supposed to make gaming experience more fun by overcoming technology barriers. However, due to its nature, most blockchain games encounter new barriers. Interactions in game can be costly for execution, leading to the poor gameplay.

Understanding the weakness of other existing blockchain games, Axie Infinity can be called an innovative twist since it focuses a lot on its interesting gameplay.

It is the battle system that makes Axie Infinity stand out. Axies will take turn to fight in a 3v3 battle. The Axies fight for their own will, but to win the victory, players need to a real strategist, from wisely choosing appropriate Axies for their team to placing them at the tactical positions.

An Axie’s strength is determined by various stats. The Axies will depend a lot on their body parts. Each part contributes stats to the Axies. Some Axie parts act like Axie’s weapons, because of their own Axie moves. The moves — either melee or ranged — will determine the usage of the that Axie on the battlefield.

Meet the team

Trung Nguyen — Lead Engineer, Serial Entrepreneur
Co-founder and former CTO of Lozi — a venture capital-backed startup. Have founded companies since 19.

Tu Doan — Art Director, Game Designer
Co-founder and Lead Designer of Lozi. A competitive Pokémon player.

Duy Trinh — Animator
An Animator who deeply falls in love with Axies. He had his experience working for a California animation studio and also as a freelancer.

Quy Dau — Software Engineer
React Hackathon 2016 Winner. Started his first company at 21.

Nam Nguyen — Graphic Designer, Artist
A talented Artist who makes Axies come to life.

Join Axie Infinity now!

Axie Infinity deserves to be called as “an innovation of blockchain games” for its interesting gameplay and the diversity of Axies. With the concept of raising pet Axies and battling as well as the utilization of blockchain technology for secured trading, Axie Infinity surely becomes one of the must-play blockchain games in 2018.

Axie Infinity is now open for presale until April 16, 2018 with huge benefits for players — obtaining “mystic” body parts that will never be released again; as well as getting an adult Axie without waiting it growing from an egg and all presale Axies having “Origin” titles and special marks on their bodies. More than 800 Axies are sold up to now.

Adopt your own Axie now to get such special and precious Axies!

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