Axie Infinity Community Update (Birthday Edition)

Dear Citizens of Lunacia,

This week, Axie Infinity celebrated its first birthday. It’s been an incredible journey so far and things are heating up!

We wanted to give our beloved community a quick update on some of the exciting developments that we’ve seen over the last few months!

Here are some quick stats:

  • This week, we crossed the 1 million Axie battle mark!
  • Over 2,500 ETH has been raised to build Lunacia!
  • Over 8,000 Axies have been sold on the secondary market so far with over 1,800 ETH spent in total!

The Land Sale

We’ve been thrilled by the amazing response to the land sale so far. While we did our best to plan every detail and make sure all questions were answered in advance, it was still amazing to see everything come together on launch night. We raised over 1,200 ETH on the first day and over 2,500 ETH so far to help build the Axie homeland, Lunacia.

70% of the available Land has been sold and we’ve already spoken to community developers about some very exciting visions for their plots.

Special shoutout to our friends at NiftyGateway for helping us onboard landholders with Fiat! ~8% of the funds raised from the sale have come through fiat.

Haven’t picked up your plots yet?

Get them here and check out this article for a comprehensive overview of the sale.

Community Growth

Data from by Owl
Data from by Uselezzz

We’ve been delighted to see many new Axie trainers entering our ecosystem and falling in love with our game!

Any new landholders that would like 3 starter Axies should head on over to to the Axie Discord and inquire about the “Axie scholarship”! Special shoutout to Nurdadd(Devon) and Carl from Discord for taking charge of the scholarship!

The Winter Invitational + The Rise of Community Tournaments

We’ve been delighted with the progress in our competitive PVP battle ecosystem. Last month, we hosted the largest Axie Infinity tournament yet! 93 players participated in the winter invitational for over 2800$ USD value in LUNA and LOOM tokens. Big shoutout to LOOM network for being the first project to sponsor an official Axie tournament. Hundreds of viewers tuned in for the finals where we saw the top 16 Axie trainers duke it out for eternal glory. Congrats to the winners:

1st Place: Uselezzz a.k.a. Master of Yaks.

2nd Place: ChuckFresco a.k.a. Black Chocobo

3rd Place: Freak

We’ve also been excited to see a vibrant community tournament ecosystem developing. Special shoutout to RcTech and Joshbaked for organizing and hosting the community tournaments so far — your efforts have helped democratize competitive battles!

Community Content

We believe that the depth of community involvement we’ve seen over the last year indicates that Axie is tapping into blockchain’s ability to align the incentives between developers and users. We’ve seen some truly incredible content emerge since the launch of the land sale and wanted to acknowledge some of the standouts here. There have been many other amazing contributions — head on over to our Discord to check them out!

Shiori’s Bath: By Rage

This amazing fan art of Axie trainer (future NPC?) Shiori brought joy to our community.

Axie Sushi: By Coco, Clumsier, YuurinBee, and Russfranky

We also saw the release of Axie sushi — a fun mini-game where Axie’s compete to see who can gobble up pieces of sushi faster! We believe this foreshadows amazing user-generated games hosted natively through land in Lunacia. We will be providing an SDK to make building Axie-themed games even easier in the future so stay tuned!

Check out Axie sushi here:

Crit Walk & Axie Tatoo: CloudWhiteWhale

Community content legend Cloudwhitewhale released another Axie-themed rap and got a tattoo! Check out the song and a video of the tattoo process below 🔥🔥🔥

To date our goals have been to:

  1. Build a solid, healthy, and positive community that can help attract new players into our ecosystem.
  2. Deliver features at the bleeding edge of blockchain gaming technology and use the Axie universe to show them off.
  3. Refine our product with feedback and suggestions from the community. Because we started out with a community from day one, we’ve been able to build our game while getting a constant stream of feedback from you, the early Axie family. This is a luxury that few game developers have ever had, and something we believe will pay off dramatically in the long run.

We believe that the recent excitement surrounding Lunacia is evidence that our decision to double down on our community-first approach was both a good moral and business decision. Other developers in the space have abandoned their original communities to start new projects and we believe that history will prove this approach to be misguided.

What’s Next?

Over the coming months, we will have our heads down working on land gameplay (real-time Chimera battles) and level 2 body parts. The team is also conducting research into the development of real-time PVP battles.

In addition, we have been exploring scaling and cross-chain solutions to ensure that Axie remains at the bleeding edge of the space and becomes more accessible over time. We believe that by delivering addictive gameplay combined with industry-leading UX — the Axie community will expand dramatically over the coming year.

For more information please join the conversation on our Discord or follow us on Twitter. Also, remember to clap and share if you like this content.

Axie Infinity: