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3 min readNov 12, 2018


Dear Axie Community,

What an amazing journey so far!

Over the last month, we’ve made huge strides towards our mission of spreading Axie across the globe and using it to showcase the transformative power of blockchain technology.

After months of testing, we released the Axie battle system on October 8th and have been amazed by the response from our community. You’ve already racked up over 80,000 battles!

We love to be data-centered and transparent when talking about our progress. So here’s some data to show that the Axie movement is gaining serious momentum.

You’ll see that the number of all time wallets holding Axie has accelerated and that the secondary market for Axies has strengthened dramatically.

Our new wallet growth has accelerated!
The Axie secondary market is quite healthy and liquid
Axie is #5 on and climbing quickly!

As I write this, Axie Infinity is currently ranked #5 on with ~180 daily users. A marked increase from early October when we were registering around 60 users a day.

To date our goals have been to:

  1. Build a solid, healthy, and positive community that can help attract new players into our ecosystem.
  2. Deliver features at the bleeding edge of blockchain gaming technology and use the Axie universe to show them off.
  3. Refine our product with feedback and suggestions from the community. Because we started out with a community from day one, we’ve been able to build our game while getting a constant stream of feedback from you, the early Axie family. This is a luxury that few game developers have ever had, and something we believe will pay off dramatically in the long run.

We have some exciting new releases and initiatives happening over the coming months.

  1. We’ll be releasing a tutorial that will smoothen the user on-boarding process and allow people to test out our game without making any economic decisions.
Shiori, already a fan favorite, will be featured in our new tutorial!

2. We’re taking a look at our battle system and will be releasing a new battle mode that brings more responsive gameplay to our ecosystem.

3. We’re gearing up for our Terrarium pre-sale which is scheduled for early December. We can’t wait for Terrariums and believe this will help spur even faster growth for the Axie Infinity universe.

4. We’ll be introducing friendly battles which we believe will facilitate community-run tournaments and expedite the learning/testing process for both old and new players alike.

Please see this roadmap below for a broad overview of our upcoming plans.

We’re so excited you’ve all decided to join us on our quest!

Axie Infinity is a digital pet community, founded upon the vision of delivering true gameplay and utility to the decentralized gaming space.

For more information please join the conversation on our Discord or follow us on Twitter. Also, remember to clap and share if you like this content.

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