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Apr 7 · 4 min read

Greetings Lunacians!

It’s been an amazing and exciting time here at Axie HQ.

We wanted to check in with an updated Gameplay Roadmap so you all know what to expect over the coming months!

April 2019: Live Battles-Alpha

We recently added a new game development engineer to our team! This has allowed us to expedite our work on real-time battles. This means that strategic, real-time thinking is coming to the Axie universe!

While the semi-autonomous, idle battle system has worked well so far — many gamers want more complete control of their strategy in battles against other players. A live battle system is also crucial for our land gameplay’s player vs. environment (PVE) experience which will use many of the features built for live PVP battles.

Sneak peak of how the live battle User Interface will look. PS, ITS MADE IN UNITY! Will work on mobile and web.

The Alpha will be made available to a select few community members who’ve distinguished themselves through their contributions to the Axie community.

May 2019: Land/Items Tradeable

We’re super excited about unlocking lands and items for trading in May! We believe that this trading element will attract more traders into our ecosystem who will fall in love with our game as well.

June 2019: Live battles-Beta

We plan on opening up the Live-battle testing to a new round of participants in June. We will continue to optimize UI/UX and gather user feedback.

July 2019: Land Gameplay-Alpha

In July, we will be opening up an Alpha for Land Gameplay. The alpha will allow testers to experience our much-anticipated player vs. environment (PVE) experience. Players will be able to attack resource nodes defended by Chimera and place items on their land plots.

Rewards from the alpha will have no effect on Mainnet and land items will not give their stated bonuses.

July-August 2019: Live Battles Release

We can’t wait for the full release of live battles!

The live battle system will come with a new ladder system and unlock new competitive gameplay for our community.

These battles will be optimized for mobile play as well, so you’ll be able to play on the go!

During this time, we will also be releasing level 2 body parts. This will add a whole new layer of depth and customization to the Axie experience.

August-September 2019: Land Gameplay Beta

Lunacia is under attack — it’s up to you and your Axies to fight off creatures called Chimera while rebuilding and strengthening the Kingdom.

Harvest tokenized resources and trade them on the marketplace.

During the Land Gameplay Beta, we will be adding some persistent(permanent) rewards to Lunacia. Players will be able to harvest and earn these rewards by attacking resource nodes that are guarded by Chimera and by tending to their land plots.

We will gradually start activating land item effects at this time.

November-December 2019: Lunacia SDK Alpha

The Lunacia SDK Alpha will allow our community content creators to begin building new experiences on top of Lunacia. The first step will be the release of a simple map editor, allowing players to design interesting mini-games and experiences that are accessible from their land plots.

Q1 2020: Land Gameplay Release

In Q1 of 2020 we will be releasing the first fully operational version of Lunacia.

Here are some features that you can expect:

  • Real-time battles against Chimera.
  • Resource/Token harvesting from resource nodes/chimera spawns.
  • Dungeons(special world events centered around special land plots such as Genesis + Luna’s Landing plots).
  • Structures that require items, resources, LUNA, tokens(NFTs and even ERC20’s from other projects) to build+ upgrade.

Q2 2020: Lunacia SDK Beta

The Lunacia SDK beta will add more advanced functionality to the experiences they build on top of Lunacia.

Some more features to expect:

  • Easy smart contract creation+nft issuance which will facilitate auto-operating structures/shops and minigames.
  • Community voting on content to be officially supported with LUNA rewards.
  • Sponsored experiences from carefully vetted projects.

For more information please join the conversation on our Discord or follow us on Twitter. Also, remember to clap and share if you like this content.

Axie Infinity:

Axie Infinity

Axies are fantasy creatures that inhabit Lunacia — an open world owned, operated, and controlled by players.

Axie Infinity

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Battle, collect, and raise fantasy creatures on the Blockchain 5c926f0f

Axie Infinity

Axies are fantasy creatures that inhabit Lunacia — an open world owned, operated, and controlled by players.

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