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Axie Infinity partners with Crypt-Oink

Axie Infinity is pleased to announce our collaboration with Japanese game studio Good Luck3, creators of blockchain game Crypt-Oink.

250 AxTons up for Grabs

Any player who owns an Axie can now claim their very own limited edition AxTon (Axie inspired CrypTon) for free. Keep in mind there are only 250 AxTons available and can only be claimed while the collaboration lasts — 22nd March 1AM GMT to 28th March 1AM GMT.
First come first serve so hurry up and claim your free AxTon here —

The first 250 people who participate in the campaign will receive a free AxTon!

Gran-Ton-Rismo Infinity cup

Players who participate in this campaign are invited to a special Gran-Ton-Rismo event on the CrypTon website where the prizepool is 2000 LUNA, currently valued at $200. These LUNA tokens can be spent in Axie Infinity to purchase plots of LAND.

Time Trial Qualifier!

No need to worry about set qualifier times. Simply log-in on crypt-oink and participate in a race with your AxTon and compare your result to the other players on the leaderboard.

Finals Race Time: Friday 29th of March 3AM GMT

The six players with the best time during the time trial will qualify for a live final race on Friday the 29th of March 3AM GMT on

If you qualify for the final you have to be there at that time or your AxTon will not race to it’s full potential.

If you missed the cut fear not you can still watch the finals live, chat and cheer for your favourite player.

But that’s not all folks’.

Limited edition Ganbaru Crypton Land item available for all CrypTon owners.

If you own a CrypTon (excluding the AxTon family) you can claim your very own Ganbaru Crypton Land item for free. This item is only available during the collaboration period and will buff the speed of all Beast Axies by 15% when battling Chimeras!

To claim your item simply fill in this form and your item will be delivered to your Loom wallet address Soon™.

So cute 😍

Axie Infinity

Axies are collectable virtual pets that inhabit a player-owned world known as Lunacia.


In the Kingdom of Lunacia players will be able to customize their territory with resource producing buildings, cosmetic items, NPCs or user-generated content. Independent developers, content creators, and companies will be able to create games and experiences using the Lunacia-SDK.


Crypt-Oink consists of mysterious cute 3D Pigs called “Crypton” which reside on the Ethereum Blockchain. Trillions exists varying in appearance, rarity, attributes and skills. Buy, Sell and Breed as you search for the Crypton that’s right for you or one that can become a legend on the race track in “Gran Ton Rismo”.

In Gran Ton Rismo players test the mettle of their Crypton by racing against other rivals. By advancing from qualifiers to winning championship leagues one can earn real-world prizes and increase the value of their Crypton on the marketplace.

Watch out for more 🔥 collaborations in the coming weeks and months. If you want to explore options for collaboration with Axie Infinity please send an email to outlining what you think we could do together.

Crypt-oink and Axie Infinity collaboration
Claim period start: 22nd march 1AM GMT
Claim Period end: 28th March 1AM GMT
Infinty cup live: 29th March 3AM GMT

250 CrypTons up for grabs only!

For more information please join the conversation on our Discord or follow us on Twitter. Also, remember to clap and share if you like this content.

Axie Infinity:



Axies are fierce creatures that love to battle, build, and hunt for treasure!

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