Axie Infinity Weekly Update!

Hey guys! Some big announcements this week:

  • The Closed Breeding Beta will start on Friday April 27th ~2 PM ET. Please apply here!
  • We’ve been releasing Axie battle moves over the last week! Check out the Aquatic, Plant, Beast,Reptile, and Bird moves on Medium!
  • We’ve decided what to do with the remaining Pre-sale Axies. Check out the full details and our announcement regarding Axie Origin Coins here!

Meme Contest Winners!

Congrats to @Mu_coin, @DrTechMD, and @Squeamy for their winning memes. They now own Axie’s 733, 554, and 731 respectively. Here are the winning memes:

Ugliest Axie Contest!

Is your Axie sad because it lost the genetic beauty lottery? Now’s their chance to shine!

We’re choosing the ugliest Axie from each class to win 3 AOC (Axie Origin Coins) for their owners each.

Check the full contest rules & details in #ugliest-axie-contest in our Discord!

That’s it for now — we’re so excited for the coming weeks!

Talk soon,
The Axie Infinity Team

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