Breeding is Live!

Our Breeding Beta was a smash hit! We had so much fun watching you guys come together as a community to explore our newest feature!

Here are some key stats from the beta:

  1. Due to boosted breed times + experience points our beta testers were able to breed just under 7,000 Axies!
  2. 34 secret class Axies were bred by some of our most dedicated testers! Congrats to everyone who took part in Axie History!

Breeding is now live on MainNet!

After a smooth test run during our beta, Axie Infinity is proud to announce the launch of our breeding feature!

Players are now able to breed their Axies together to produce a lovely new Axie baby! In addition, starting tomorrow, players will be able to purchase a sire from another player’s Axie on the “Sire Marketplace”.

Each time an Axie breeds, it costs 300 EXP and .002 ETH(we are working on lowering this). For now, all Adult Axies will start with 400 EXP. Axies will be able to get more EXP through minigames and battles in the future.

When two Axies give their love to each other, they will create the ultimate product of love: an Axie Egg. Over time, the Eggs will grow into Adult Axie.

  • After 24 hours, an Egg will hatch into an adorable Larva.
  • After 48 hours, a Larva will morph into a Petite Axie. 
    (Axies will need a transaction to continue growing)
  • After 48 hours, a Petite will grow into an Adult Axie.
    (Axies will need a transaction to continue growing)
4 stages of an Axie

Eggs will be available for sale with never-released-before parts

Stay tuned and keep updated in Axie Infinity’s Discord and SNS:

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