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Everything We Know About Axie Battles!


  • Axies will be able to fight each other in animated 3v3 battles.
  • Axies have body parts that correspond to different battle moves.
  • EXP will be earned from battles that can be used either to level up an Axie’s base stats, breed, or evolve body parts to a higher level.

Axies can battle each other in special 3 vs. 3 Arena battles.

Before battle, players can choose their team of 3 Axies, their Axies’ positioning on the 3 x 3 Arena, as well as the order of the battle moves.

The moves that Axie can bring into battle are determined by their Body parts. Mouths, Horns, Backs, and Tails all come with an associated battle move while Eyes and Ears may confer passive boosts.

You can select the order of your moves to fit your strategy

In battle, Axies will attack each other in turns, with Axies that possess the highest “Speed” stat attacking first. Players will want to try and predict the flow of battle based on their Axie’s strengths and weaknesses and order their battle moves accordingly. Victory will come easily for those who can master the right combination of strategy and luck! Because of mechanisms like “Critical Hit” and “Last Stand”, victory will never be assured until the final blow is struck!

When an Axie battle move is “used” either by using it to attack or defend an opposing Axie’s attack, the move will move towards the back of that Axie’s move “queue”. In addition, Axies will attack the closest enemy Axie, unless their move has a mechanism that effects targeting (such as the “Backdoor” mechanism possessed by “Toothless Bite”.

Axie have four stats specific to the Axie and three stats specific to an individual part. The four base stats are HP, Speed, Skill, and Morale. Base stats are determined by an Axie’s body parts. We can get an understanding of how this works by looking at Ginger’s body parts:

There are also 3 stats specific to a move: Attack, Defense, and Accuracy. These interact with the body stats in battle to create battle’s RNG (random) elements.

Axies’ moves are more than just an Attack, Defense, and Accuracy stat. Many moves also have strong conditional effects, heals, or buffs depending on your teams synergy.

You can unlock more battle moves by using EXP to evolve your Axie’s parts. In addition, when you possess sufficient EXP to evolve a part, you can select between two options, a mechanic we call “Branching Evolution”. An Axie with bad synergy at their lowest level could have excellent synergies when leveled and paired with the right teammates.

There are four Evolution levels. Each Evolution grants access to a new move (you also retain access to the previously unlocked moves). These moves cost a corresponding amount of move points. Axie can only use ten move points at a time so choose carefully!

The six Axie classes are split into three groups. These groups have advantages and disadvantages over other classes. When in battle, Axie can deal bonus damage against class disadvantaged Axie. For the attacking Axie, class advantage is determined by the class of the move being used. For the defending Axie, class advantage is factored twice; once for the class of the defending part and once for the class of the defending Axie. The class balance of your team will have a big effect on the outcome of your battles.

There will be a small fee to battle your Axies on top of a standard gas fee. We are doing everything we can to minimize this fee!

Winning a battle will award each of the Axie’s on your team around 60 EXP while defeats will award them around 20. In addition, small bonuses will be given for KO’s of enemy Axies so the max EXP rewarded will go to teams that win a battle by KO’ing all 3 opposing enemy Axies.

EXP rewards from battle can be used to upgrade body parts to higher level evolutions, improve an Axie’s stats, or breed your Axies! Whether you choose to use your EXP for body part upgrades, stat leveling, or breeding is up to you. In general, if you see an Axie as one of your star battlers it might be better to focus on upgrading its body parts and making it more powerful in battle. On the other hand, if you are less excited about using a certain Axie to battle, breeding might be a good option.

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Axies are fierce creatures that love to battle, build, and hunt for treasure!

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