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The Axie Infinity land sale will be kicking off today at 9 AM ET!

Check this gameplay overview for a look at the grand vision.

This document will answer some of the nitty-gritty details regarding Lunacia and what to expect from the Land Sale.

We’ve had a ton of amazing questions so far and believe this post should answer all the questions posed so far. We’re sure that more questions will pop up over time and will add the answers to those questions here.

What are the different Phases of the Land Sale?

The Land sale will consist of four different phases. 25% of the available plots can be purchased in the first sale.

Phase 1: Starts 22 January 9 AM EST

17,217(25%) of plots available for sale.

Estimated time for next phases:

Phase 2–4 will launch after land gameplay has arrived.

What is the advantage of buying Land in Quadrant 1?

  • Prices for Chests will be 17.42% higher in the next round. Edit: As of 12/8/2020 we have decided to change this guidance. Pricing for future rounds will be decided at a later date to optimize for wide distribution, fairness to current landholders while taking in market demand, and existing market conditions.
  • Certain events and content will be limited to nodes located on Quadrant 1.
  • Quadrant 1 will be the home of our earliest adopters and community meaning that in the early days of Lunacia, a majority of 3rd party content will likely be built here.
  • Collectors that can complete a full set of items before May 22nd, 2019 will receive 1 plot within Luna’s landing. Luna’s landing is an area in the dead center of the map that will be used to incentivize content creators and host special world events in the Axie universe.

What can I do with my Land immediately?

Players will be able to view the location of their Land on the World Map.

What does each chest contain?

Please see this infographic for details on what each chest will contain.

These are the calculations for the chances of receiving Genesis land for each chest:

Please note that 75/220 Genesis plots will be available. This is 34% of the supply, meaning that subsequent sales will have fewer Genesis plots available proportionally.

Can I purchase multiple Land-chests at the same time?

Yes. Players can purchase up to 100 Chests of the same type at the same time. You will not be able to buy different types of chests with one transaction.

Can I decide where to place my Land?

Once a Chest has been purchased our algorithm will decide where on the map the Land will be placed within the region associated with the chest.

All Land purchased in the same transaction will be placed next to each other within the same region.

Example: If you purchase 50 Savannah Chests in the same transaction you will get 50 connected plots of Land in the Savannah Region.

What is the advantage of having Land plots connected each other?

There are various benefits of having connected Land plots:

  • Every structure in Axie Infinity has space requirements. Some structures will require multiple connected Land plots to build.
  • Your Axies will travel faster on land that you own.
  • Connected plots can be managed and viewed all at once.
  • Certain items will give buffs to Axies on connected lands as well.

What are the dimensions of each plot of Land?

Every plot of land consists of 64 blocks(8x8).

Every item and structure in Lunacia has a space requirement. Some require 1 block of land while others require more space and resources to build.

Genesis land is marked in black near the center of the map

What is Genesis Land?

Located in the center of the map Genesis land is extremely rare and is capped to 220 plots. There will be rare bosses that spawn on Genesis Land and the owners of Genesis Land will get a cut of all the resources that are collected on their Land.

When is Land tradeable?

Land in Quadrant 1 will be tradeable on May 22nd at 9PM GMT+7 (4 Months).

How many Axies can fit on one Land plot

Initially, 3 Axies can be assigned to each plot of land. In the future, Land can be upgraded to hold more Axies by building certain structures.

What kind of structures can be built and how large can these structures get?

Players can find blueprints for structures all across Lunacia when defeating Chimeras.

Every structure will have a base set of demands which need to be fulfilled for it to be functional.
Time: Bigger and more advanced structures will require a lot of time to build.

Block size: Certain buildings can require up to 6400 blocks of available space. Cooperate with your guildmates and build amazing wonders which will impact the lives of everyone in Lunacia.

Resources: Smelt your leftover common/rare/epic items into resources which are required to erect specific structures.

Players will have to apply to the Lunacia High Council for specific blueprints which allow them to build shops for monetization. A business plan would prove useful in these situations.

What is LUNA token used for?

The LUNA Token is an ERC 20 token native to Lunacia that powers activities in Lunacia and will be used for certain in-game purchases and fees.

Use cases for LUNA

  • Buying special limited edition items and Axies from the official Axie shop.
  • Buying Axies from the Axie LAB
  • Upgrading Axies
  • Upgrading / Expanding plots of land
  • Purchasing potions/battle boosts
  • Paying marketplace commissions.
  • Advertising Axies and content.
  • Purchasing merchandise.
  • Governance(deciding what content can be added to Lunacia)

How can I earn LUNA tokens?

Some activities in Lunacia will yield LUNA tokens like:

  • Sending teams of Axies to harvest rare LUNA resource nodes.
  • Defeating powerful Chimera packs and bosses.
  • Winning PVP tournaments sponsored by the Axie team.
  • Creating content for Lunacia and receiving a LUNA grant from the Axie team.
  • Landholders can charge residents of Lunacia LUNA rents for accessing content such as resources and Chimera that spawn on their territory.

Will there be a referral bonus?

Yes, there will be a referral program. The referrer will receive a 10% referral bonus in ETH. The referee will receive a 10% cashback in LUNA tokens which can be used to purchase additional chests.

Please note that the referral bonus will not apply to the following currencies:


What will initial gameplay look like?

Initial gameplay in Lunacia will involve sending teams of 3 Axies on resource gathering and Chimera hunting expeditions.

Step 1: Identify a resource node/Chimera pack on the map you’d like to target.

Step 2: Pick your team of Axies. Certain types of Axies and team compositions will be better suited for gathering different resources and battling distinct types of Chimera.

Step 3: Send your Axies on their adventure! Your Axies will use their psionic abilities to teleport to the selected area.

Step 4: Once the Axies arrive they will gather resources and battle Chimera. Some Chimera packs and resource nodes will have real-time gameplay attached to them, while others can be automatically harvested.

Step 5: The strain of teleporting, battling, and harvesting will leave them unable to teleport back. Axies will make the trek back to their homeland taking the shortest route. This means that players owning Land closest to resource nodes will have a higher expedition turnover rate.

The resources earned from these adventures will all be represented as ERC 20 tokens. Some resources will be quite common, while others will have limited supplies and only drop very rarely or from very powerful Chimera.

The resources can then be used to build structures, upgrade Axies, and buy an assortment of goods from markets and shops.

Some quests will require turning in an assortment of resources in exchange for limited edition tokenized items/skins and blueprints.

Structures will have a variety of functionalities such as crafting rare ingredients(think blacksmith), housing Axies(inn), fishing, resource production, and more as Lunacia evolves.

What kind of resources will Chimera drop?

Chimeras can drop all sorts of loot including LUNA tokens and other rare resources which are required for building structures.

All resources will be tokenized. Some of them will be common, while others will be quite rare and limited in supply!

When are items tradeable?

4 months — May 22nd.

How will 3rd party developers and artists monetize their land / add experiences to Land?

Third-party developers can create games using the Lunacia SDK. Once finished development these games will be represented by a building which will function as a launchpad for players to enter the game. It will be up to the developer to monetize their creation.

There will be a set pool of LUNA tokens every month which will be distributed between the most popular games.

Third-party developers choose how they want to monetize their experience.

To incentivize development, Axie Infinity will create an incubator program which developers can utilize to get funding for their vision.

Artists will be able to check out existing Axie Infinity assets and re-skin them using the Lunacia SDK. Once an artist has re-skinned an asset the community will decide which skins will be introduced to the game. These assets can then be sold in shops all over Lunacia. Landowners will get a cut of each sale that happens on shops located on their Land.

What is the Lunacia SDK?

The Lunacia SDK is our in-house framework which will allow anyone to create games and art using existing Axie Infinity assets.

It will also contain advanced tools to let programmers create auto-operating entities (items, buildings, guilds) and social contracts.

When is the Lunacia SDK being released?

The SDK is currently in development and an alpha version is expected to be released within 3 months.

Axie Infinity is a digital pet community and blockchain game creation platform. We’re returning power to gamers and creators through blockchain-enabled ownership structures.

Please note that game development is an iterative process and the details around land gameplay may change over time based on a variety of internal and external factors.

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