Mating Club (siring) is Live!

You can now sire your Axies out! Sired Axies will go onto our “Mating Club” and can be bred with by other players for a fee. You can find the mating club by going to the market and pressing the Axie Mating Club button.

Some current members of the Mating club.

After another players sires with your Axie, your sired Axie will be sent back to your profile, with the breeding EXP deducted. You will also receive the siring fee in the MetaMask wallet associated with your account!

The player that purchases the sire will receive an egg with genes from both your Axie and the Axie they chose to breed it with.

In addition, some colorful new egg designs are live so you can learn more about the an Axie egg’s parents at a glance!

New Egg designs!

There are also a few new filtering options that we hope will make your experience smoother.

New filtering options!

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