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Mystic Axies: Jewels For A Digital Age

The recent acquisition of Mystic Axies by the team at Delphi Digital has thrust Mystic Axies into the spotlight. Who are these Axies and why are people rushing to collect them?

Mystic Axies

Mystic Axies make a statement when someone is scanning your account and show that you’re a true connoisseur of the rare Axie market.

Like you, Mystic Axies were born special. Only ~30% of Origin Axies possess a Mystic part.

Since Origin Axies are capped at 4088 total, the scarcity of Mystic Axies is guaranteed by a smart contract. They’ll be rare forever.

Mystic parts have unique art that dazzle the eye compared to their normal counterparts.

Rumors and legend also say that they’ll have amazing powers in the future as new features and gameplay modes are released.

Scarcity Details

Origin Axies were released during a pre-sale in 2018. They were sold on a bonding curve with each subsequent purchase increasing the price of the next Origin.

Each time an Origin Axie was rolled, it had a chance of being born with Mystic parts. The probabilities can be found below:

Single mystic chances = 25.04%

Double mystic chances = 3.68%

Triple mystic chances = 0.28%

Quad mystic chances = 0.0127%

Penta mystic chances = 0.000299% OR 1 chance in 333 453

Hexa mystic chances = 1 chance in 34 012 224

These are the current number of each type of Mystic Axie as of September 2020:

A hard cap of 4088 Origin Axies was set during the pre-sale. After the pre-sale concluded, Axie Origin Coins(AOC) were created based on the remaining number of Origin Axies to hit 4,088. This is the AOC contract:

Bird, Bug, and Reptile Mystics are also rarer than Beast, Plant, and Aquatic since they could only be rolled from referrals during the Origin Sale and now through rolling AOC.

There are currently 1375 AOC remaining meaning, there are still 275 Origins that can be rolled in the future. These will be reserved for epic contests, tournaments, and special events in the future.

Part Scarcity

Some Mystic parts are even rarer than others! The attached table breaks down Mystic rarity per part. You’ll notice that Bug, Bird, and Reptile Mystic parts are rarer than Beast, Plant, and Aquatic parts since Bug, Bird, and Reptile Axies could only be rolled from making referrals during the Origin sale.

How to Buy Mystic Axies

In order to buy Mystic Axies, visit the Axie Infinity marketplace with Metamask installed and ETH in your wallet.

Next choose the number of Mystic Parts you’re looking for.

Here are some direct links for the collector with little time on their hands.

Single Mystics

Double Mystics

Triple Mystics

Quad Mystics

If you’d like some advice on picking out a Mystic, it’s highly recommended to ask around in the Axie Discord!

Other Notes

Mystic parts cannot be inherited.

Many collectors do not believe in using their Mystic Axies to breed as they prefer them to be “fresh in the box”.

Sales data regarding Mystic Axies can be analyzed here.

Mystic Axies have a special purple tag on them. Please make sure to check for this tag before buying!

Happy collecting!

The Axie Infinity Team

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Axies are fierce creatures that love to battle, build, and hunt for treasure!

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