New Mechanic: Branching Evolution

Surprise~ surprise! Along with the upcoming release of Breeding & Battle features, another exciting feature is waiting for you: Branching Evolution.

Axie Infinity isn’t just another mainstream game using traditional evolution system. The creators are always seeking new ways for players to enjoy the game. That’s why Branching Evolution is introduced.

When an Axie part is available to evolve, players will have to decide what will that part grow into. An Axie part can evolve into either 1 of the 2 available parts, each one has a distinct power and appearance. Once Axie has taken a new power, it can never go back. Because of that, choosing the suitable part to fit your strategy and formation wouldn’t be an easy job for players.

Such an interesting way to evolve your Axies, isn’t it? Let’s keep waiting for more fun in future releases.

Don’t forget to adopt Axies now because the Presale is only available until April 16, 2018.

Axie Infinity: