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We sat down with Axie moderator and community developer to pick his brain on his vision for Axie, what it’s like building tools for the Axie community and more! Owl is a great example of how Axie can introduce traditional gamers to Blockchain technology and even jumpstart career aspirations in this blossoming field!

How did you find Axie and what attracted you most about it?

I entered the crypto world early 2018 as a friend of mine told me about it. Summer 2018, I saw a post about Axie Infinity on Reddit and felt intrigued as soon as I saw the cute aesthetics of those axolotls. I didn’t get into it until I joined the Discord in August. One day after joining the discord, I bought 3 axies including a mystic (#618) thanks to the help of early community members.

What attracted me most was the amazing art and the community. Had the community not been this strong, I probably would have forgotten the project.

What’s your favorite Axie memory?

I don’t have one particular memory but several. Some of them are participating in the OG tournaments before our current PvP system.

Others are sniping awesome mystics and seeing some friends raging as their funds were too slow to reach Coinbase in time.

The final memory is simply reading all those messages about how useful were the tools I built for the community.

What are some of the things you’ve built for the Axie community? What motivated you to create these?

My most famous one is The Community Bot. It can do a bunch of things! Show an Axie, post big sales in the #marketplace, DM people when a specific Axie went in sale, when a user received ether from a sale, breed Axies, show Axie EXP, get their win rates, and of course, say “Good morning” to our beloved moderator, Henri!

My latest one is the $WOA token that hopefully many people in the community have heard about.
Wrap/unwrap Origins Axies via tokens allowing instant liquidity. It has reached over 1 million $ in trading volume over the first 4 days of its launch on Uniswap. I was surprised how well it was received.

I’m motivated to challenge myself to become a better developer and strengthen the community’s user experience.

I really want to work full time in the Blockchain scene and starting out with community projects is the best way to improve your skills and get feedback on the ideas you built!

What’s the most challenging part about building Axie tools?

When starting out, getting used to the Blockchain environment. Most data will be fetched from the chain and you need a decent understanding on how it works. After that, as long as you can google, and understand fundamental practices in coding, you can pretty much build anything.
I suck at web dev for example so that’s why I decided to keep improving my discord Bot! (Shout out to Clumsi, ODP, Freak who build awesome web apps!)

Any sneak peaks into what you’re building right now?

I’m participating to P3terpan’s NFT hackathon! Check out their discord server if you want to see what something I’m working on right now ;)
Can’t say much yet but you’ll hear about it soon.
Hint: It’s NFT based!

What would you like to see from the Lunacia SDK?

So hard to say! Probably allowing game devs to reuse your in-game assets in projects/games and allowing them to deploy their own smart contracts inside Ronin to create a new ecosystem for their game inside the Axie universe.

What’s your background in development?

I started learning to code 3 years ago making Unity games thanks to some Udemy course. I quickly dropped out the course to build my own projects (games, analytic tools, discord bots) before joining a dev school last year and ultimately learning Solidity which allows me to do a bunch of things inside the NFT and DeFi scene.

What excites you most about Axie’s future?

Axie is trying to build this massive world where people can play, earn and ultimately let the community govern the direction that the project is taking. I want to be part of this revolution.

I’m most excited about what land gameplay will be all about and what will be its implications in the long term.

Thanks for reading our fourth player spotlight! If you’d like to meet Owl and ask him about his adventure, make sure to join Axie Discord!

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