Secret Classes in Axie Infinity

Dawn, Dusk, and Mech Class Axies respectively

In Axie Infinity there are 6 “normal” classes: Beast, Bug, Bird, Reptile, Plant, and Aquatic. However, did you know there are 3 “secret” classes?

Secret classes are quite rare and difficult to create. This guide will give a basic overview of how to breed them and what makes them unique!

There are 3 secret classes: Dusk, Dawn, and Mech. Each secret class can be created by breeding a special combination of “pure” Axies.

What’s a “pure” Axie? We define a “pure” Axie as an Axie of a certain class that also possesses six out of a possible six body parts belonging to that class. Here’s an example:

Here are the recipes for creating secret classes:

Dusk Class: 33% chance when breeding a pure Reptile with a pure Aquatic.

Mech Class: 33% chance when breeding a pure Bug with a pure Beast.

Dawn Class: 33% chance when breeding a pure Plant with a pure Bird.

What is different about secret classes?


Secret classes have colors that are distinct from the other classes.

Base Stats

Secret classes also have different base stats allowing them to play different roles in battle. This chart gives an overview of the base stats of the classes currently inhabiting Lunacia.

What are the Class Advantages/Disadvantages of the secret classes?

Dusk- Same as Reptile/Plant (advantage against aquatic/bird and vulnerable to bug/beast).

Mech- Same as Bug/Beast (advantage against reptile/plant and vulnerable to Bird/Aquatic)

Dawn- Same as Aquatic/Bird (advantage against Beast/Bug and vulnerable to Plant/Reptile).

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