The Pre-sale Has Ended — A Summary

On April 16th, Axie Infinity’s Pre-sale has concluded — we’ve reached one of the game’s first big milestones!

During our Pre-sale, players could adopt special Axies with special “Origin” titles and a chance to obtain valuable “Mystic” body parts, which have unique artwork and the ability to evolve directly to Legendary parts.

Key stats from the Pre-sale:

  1. 3112 Axies were adopted through the “ADOPT AXIES” page.
  2. 3388 Axies were born.
  3. 253 Axies have not been opened yet (77 Beast Axies, 77 Aquatic Axies, 74 Plant Axies and 25 Referal Token Axies).

We are so excited about the amazing community that has grown around the game! We can’t wait to continue to push the boundaries of decentralized gaming.

Axies To Infinity and Beyond! 
Our developer team never rests, because Breeding and Battle features are coming up next! Until then, the team has interesting sneak peeks and events for you to keep up the hype.

If you have missed the Pre-sale, don’t worry! You can still buy Axies from players off the Marketplace, or wait for eggs to be released!

Thank you for joining the Pre-sale!
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