TomoChain Partnership Announcement + Mainnet Launch

At Axie Infinity we’re always looking for interesting teams in the blockchain space with passionate communities to collaborate with.

We met the Tomo-Chain team recently in Vietnam and Thailand and were intrigued by their approach to Blockchain scalability and their passionate community.

Going forward, we will be working with the TomoChain team on co-marketing and community events.

We will be exploring different paths to introduce their passionate community to the Axie Universe including:

  • Cross-Chain integration.
  • Accepting TOMO(their token) for items sold by the Axie team.

Due to their engaged community in Southeast Asia and Japan, we believe TomoChain can be a great partner in helping spread the Axie universe to a new group of players.

Today, TomoChain had their Mainnet launch! Congrats to the team and we’ll be following their progress closely.

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