Update Note: Axie Classes Introduction

Date: April 05, 2018

1. Axie Classes Introduction

As you know, an Axie has a base class, and each part on its body also has a separate class not depend on the Axie’s base class.

In the Presale (available until April 16, 2018), Axie Infinity has introduced the first 6 classes: Beast, Aquatic, Plant, Bug, Reptile, Bird. More classes will come in future releases.

Axie’s strength is determined by various stats. In Axie Infinity, we have 4 main stats for each Axie: Hit point (HP), Speed, Skill, Morale. Depends on its base class, each Axie will have different stat distribution and stat growth.

Axie’s body parts aside from contributing some of above stats to the Axie, some of them also have Axie move. Each move will have its own stats too: Attack, Defense, Accuracy.

Details on each class’s stat distribution is on this link. Check it out: 

Details on stats and how they affect the battle system will be unveiled in future updates.

2. Japanese version of Axie Infinity is released!

The more the merrier.

Axie Infinity’s website is now available in Japanese. Let’s enjoy the game with new Japanese friends.

3. Part Overview in Marketplace

By hovering on “i” icon of an Axie in Marketplace, you can quick view its body parts.

4. More Sorting options in Marketplace

Now you can sort Axies based on your liking more easily by using new options in Sorting.

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